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Our Mission

Wealth Factory's mission is to manufacture economic independence for 1 million entrepreneurs. blinking-cursor

Reimagining personal finance for entrepreneurs...

Wealth Factory is a comprehensive personal financial education and implementation program for entrepreneurs, health care professionals and small business owners.

Professionals (like dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, and veterinarians) and entrepreneurs typically focus on what they do best, and that's running a great practice and providing state-of the art service. Managing their personal finances often takes a back seat, and this can create tremendous personal and professional stress. And as their business grows, so might the complexity of their finances. So providing a proven, comprehensive solution is well-received by this group of professionals.

Wealth Factory fills that gap and provides an integrated team approach that brings together a network of asset protection attorneys, accountants, cash flow specialists, investment advisors, insurance experts, and estate planning attorneys. This is very similar to the kind of integrated services provided by a boutique family services firm for high net worth individuals, but without the high price tag (or the $50M net worth qualifier). Implementation happens in a custom-tailored sequence, facilitated by a financial quarterback so you do not have to waste time.

We are not financial or investment advisors and do not sell securities or investments.

There are three core components to our flagship program:

1. Blueprint Implementation and Accountability

Our financial team customizes and facilitates each step of assembly and implementation.

2. The critical components include:

  • Cash Flow
  • Taxes
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurances
  • Investments

In the beginning, that might look like finding hidden fees in the your finances and investments, optimizing loan structures, identifying duplicate insurance coverages, or finding that you are overpaying on taxes.

There are more components for unique situations, but these are the core foundational pieces we teach. The remaining pieces are offered on a customized basis as your individual needs dictate. This is because every small business is different, and the needs of every professional and entrepreneur is unique.

3. Financial Clarity and Legacy through Investor DNA

Wealth Factory provides diagnostics to help clients identify their own unique Investor DNA based on personal strengths and interests. This approach simplifies all their business and investing decisions in an objective way, fully aligned with their life objectives.

This financial clarity frees up the client to excel in every area of their personal and professional life, and provides the clear vision to create a lasting legacy.

Unlike traditional financial plans that only focus on what you have stored away in other people's business (like stocks and bonds), we help you identify how your own business can become an integral part of your wealth plan.

Since we're entrepreneurs too, we understand the specific and unique needs of business owners and professional service providers.

Traditional financial plans generally focus on retirement planning alone. They ask you to give them your money for 30 years and hope for the best.

This "traditional" approach to personal finance goes completely against all the good principles of money management you use to run your business.

So if your current financial planner doesn't understand your business, he can't possibly understand you or your unique financial needs. Using the tools we give you, you'll discover painless steps to take back control of your money and your wealth plan using your biggest asset -- YOU and your business.

This is the only method we've discovered that puts entrepreneurs like you in complete control of your financial plan. It leverages what you know best to preserve your wealth and help avoid painful investment losses.

We absolutely are not suggesting that everyone who invests in the stock market loses money. We are suggesting that focusing on areas you're most competent in may yield you better results. Our goal is to help you explore those possibilities so that you can make financial decisions from a place of strength and knowledge. And if other people in your life play an important role in your finances, whether that be your significant other or your CPA, you will have their backing because you can make decisions together as an informed unit.

As busy entrepreneurs ourselves, we're mindful of the hectic pace of life that comes with owning your own business. That's why our trainings avoid overly technical economic theory or confusing financial terminology. Instead, we explain everything in full detail, without jargon, using simple direct language that gets to the point quickly to save you time and money.

If you want to build sustainable wealth, increase your monthly cash flow and enjoy economic independence without using budgets, cutbacks, limiting your lifestyle or adding new customers to your business, then Wealth Factory can help provide the tools, the team, and training you need to build the life you love.

Our mission is to help 1 million entrepreneurs build their wealth Architecture. Join us.

Build the life you love,
The Builders at Wealth Factory

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