10 Financially-Smart Reasons to Join Us For Our First-Ever Wealth Summit

Whether you’re just starting to build your wealth…

Or the money is rolling in but you’re not sure that you’re making financially smart decisions…

Our first-ever Wealth Summit is the place for you to be on November 17th and 18th in Park City, Utah.

See for yourself in this exclusive testimony below from a former Mr. America, Dr. Chris Zaino, who says he would have saved $500,000 by meeting us just 6 months earlier.

Then keep reading for 10 financially-smart reasons to join us for our first-ever wealth Summit.

Reason #1: You’re Serious About Fixing Cash Flow Leaks

Is anything more frustrating than money you worked hard for slipping through the cracks? Or watching the fruits of your labor — your life’s work — swirl down the drain?

It’s painful, but it’s not your fault. We’ve found 93 out of 100 business owners are losing money where they don’t need to be. The average business owner pays $11,283 more than they owe on taxes. Many business owners are paying duplicate fees and premiums for financial services — and could easily start saving thousands of dollars per year with the right direction.

At Wealth Factory, we have dedicated cash flow specialists on our team who can guide you through plugging the leaks.

And when you join us for our first ever Wealth Summit, you’ll get to meet our Cash Flow Specialists face-to-face to see how we can help you eliminate cash flow leaks from your life.

Reason #2: Because We Get Results for Our Members

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: The average business owner we work with recovers $2,484/month in lost cash flow. But that’s just the average. We also have many exceptional case stories from members.

Like Jordan Cooper who recovered more than $15,000/month after working with our Cash Flow Specialists. Or Mike Gandolfi who received a $102,000 tax refund after an Accredited Network member reviewed his tax returns. Or Dr. Hal Board who had a stressful tax-issue plaguing him for 10 years — that we helped him solve in a matter of months.

Or Dr. Chris Zaino, who says he would have saved $500,000 if he had met us 6 months earlier.

Each of these extraordinary success stories started by attending one of our live events.

And by attending the Wealth Summit, you’ll get to meet our team who engineered these types of results.

Plus, because we are inviting all members — old and new — you will be shoulder to shoulder with Wealth Factory members who’ve used our high-end services and can tell you exactly what to expect.

Reason #3: You’re Ready to Swing for the Fences

Do you have a new business idea, or the next big product to launch, or are ready to take your business to the next level — but your finances are holding you back? Or you can’t get away from your work long enough to make things happen?

What you’re looking for is Economic Independence. That’s where your hands-off cash flow covers your expenses…

… so now your extra time and money can go to “Swinging for the Fences” in your business.

By attending Wealth Summit, you will accelerate your path to Economic Independence.

Reason #4: To Meet Members of The Accredited Network in Person

The Accredited Network is our world-class wealth team of financial specialists.

Garrett was inspired to create The Accredited Network after observing a Rockefeller-style financial team provide services for extremely high net-worth families. But there wasn’t a similar solution for individuals worth less than $50 million. So he got to work building his own wealth team using an intense 9-month vetting process to find the top financial specialists in their field.

By attending the Wealth Summit, not only will you get to interact with Accredited Network members in person, they will also be hosting breakout sessions during the event so you can learn directly from their genius.

This is something that’s never done before at Wealth Factory, so it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Reason #5: An Excuse to Visit Beautiful Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah was named one of the top 20 prettiest cities in America by Forbes Traveler Magazine. Celebrities pour in every year to attend the Sundance Film Festival.

And the mountain views from the luxury Montage Deer Valley resort — where the Wealth Summit is being held — are stunning.

This is one of Garrett’s favorite places on earth and where he goes when he wants to create abundance in his life.

Considering that travel and lodging expenses may be a tax-deductible expense for your business (talk to your accountant), then joining us in Park City this November is a no-brainer.

Reason #6: To Meet and Spend Time With Other Interesting People Who Understand You

How often do you get a chance to meet in the same room with other entrepreneurs and high-performers who share a similar philosophy of what’s possible in life, business and money?

The Wealth Summit will be a fun, entertaining weekend for all Wealth Factory members to support each other, make new friends and connections.

And of course, you’ll also get to spend time with Garrett, Accredited Network members and the whole Wealth Factory team — who are all looking forward to meeting you.

Reason #7: You’ve Never Been to a Live Wealth Factory Event Before

Never been to a live event before? No problem.

Garrett will be on the main stage to catch you up to speed. In his energetic, passionate way, he will help you see where your finances are set and where they need some attention. He’ll expose the financial myths that dominate our culture and threaten to hold you back.

And he’ll show you a new path to Economic Independence.

Reason #8: You HAVE Been to a Live Wealth Factory Event Before

Already experienced a live event? No problem.

While the first-timers are catching up on the mainstage, you get to attend breakout sessions led by world-class specialists in their area of finance and business. That includes members of The Accredited Network. So there will be new, amazing content for everyone.

This is also a rare opportunity to get together with your Wealth Factory family. So we’re really looking forward to seeing you again.

Reason #9: You’re Ready to Start a Financial Legacy for Your Family

It’s easy to think “I’ll get my financial affairs in order one day.” But your financial legacy exists whether you’ve worked on it or not.

Whatever the current state of your financial plan now… that’s the legacy you’re prepared to leave behind.

So the Wealth Summit is your opportunity to finally say, “Yes, I’m going to dedicate 2 days to building my financial legacy for my family.”

Family is one of the most important considerations of everything we do here at Wealth Factory. That’s why we have dedicated members of our Accredited Network to work on things like estate planning, asset protection, family trusts and more.

For example, Garrett has a plan in place that will influence his Great-Great-Grandchildren — even if he never meets them.

Reason #10: A New Era of Personal Finance is Here

2017 has been a year like no other, and 2018 looks to bring more surprises.

Political unrest. Escalating global conflicts. The U.S. surpassing $20 trillion in national debt. Rising interest rates that could prick another bubble. Legislative uncertainty with taxes and health care.

With so many unpredictable scenarios and events unfolding, how can you protect yourself and grow wealth in this environment?

At the Wealth Summit, we will show you how to navigate the headwinds in this new era of personal finance.

Because our wealth formula for Economic Independence gets better every year — and has for 20 years, rolling through a Dot-Com crash and The Great Recession unharmed. It’s the perfect system for manufacturing and accelerating Economic Independence, no matter what the markets do, and we’re thrilled to share what’s new for 2017, 2018, and beyond at the Wealth Summit.

What To Do Next

You’ve just witnessed 10 very good reasons to join us at the Wealth Summit in beautiful Park City, Utah this November 17th and 18th.

And you can still get your tickets for up to 67% off the door price.

Plus — with under 60 days to go, the time to get your tickets and book your travel arrangements is now.

So the financially smart thing to do is to click the link below, take a quick (or long) look at all the Wealth Summit details, and get your discounted tickets right away.

Click Here for All Your Wealth Summit Details and to Secure Your Tickets

Do it ASAP, before life becomes “busy” again, so you can save money on your path to Economic Independence.

Build the life you love,

The Builders at Wealth Factory

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