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How to build your own personal finance superteam


The 6-Step Guide For Small Business Owners To Help You Build Lasting Wealth Making sure you keep the money you make is critical for building lasting wealth. And for a growing business owner, it’s hard to do without a team. Because the fact is, far too many business owners end up losing money because they’re…

How To Protect Yourself From Financial Predators And Lawsuits

Protect Yourself from Pirates

Originally published on I strongly believe this fact: if you’re a business owner and do not have an asset protection plan, then you either do not value everything that you’ve built very highly or you are uninformed of the importance of asset protection. I don’t mean to be like the hard-selling promoters of asset…

How To Squash Gossip Like A Bug Before It Squashes Your Business

people working together

We originally published this article on Although outside the scope of personal finance, in a sense, so many people have shared it on social media that we thought you might get value from it here, too. Gossip is not to be tolerated. I can tolerate innocent mistakes, slip-ups and occasional bad judgment. But gossip…