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Chief Wealth Architect, wealth strategist for entrepreneurs.

3 Realities That Make Personal Finance Different for Entrepreneurs

Why Personal Finance is Different for Entrepreneurs

Originally published on In my experience, financial planners and entrepreneurs see the world from completely different perspectives. And they each think the other is a little bit crazy. For example, financial planners think entrepreneurs love risk; whereas entrepreneurs wonder why anyone would take the risk of putting money into the stock of companies you…

A Personal Finance Checklist for Entrepreneurs

A Personal Finance Checklist for Entrepreneurs

Originally published on It often seems that personal finance advice given to business owners is the same advice given to employees. The problem is that business owners have different kinds of assets, liabilities, cash flow demands, and tax structures than employees, and not taking these into account during traditional financial planning could mean significant oversights that could leave a business owner over-exposed in…

What is Cash Flow, and What Is It for Entrepreneurs?

what is cash flow for entrepreneurs

What is cash flow? More importantly, what is cash flow for entrepreneurs? And how you can you use it to build the life you love? Most finance is about building net worth. It’s about building a nest egg and letting compound interest do its thing while you don’t touch your money for 30 years. Cash…

What is Wealth Factory?


Hi, Garrett Gunderson here, and I’m excited to bring to you a program to create sustainable wealth to improve your cash flow and create more freedom through peace of mind, certainty, and financial clarity. How do we do that? Well, we start by understanding where you’re losing and leaking money. We want to plug those…