Beyond Dave Ramsey — Live Wealthy NOW Without Jeopardizing Your Future Security & Prosperity

This is Part 4 of the Financial Health Accelerator Series on “Money and Investing.”

In this private conference call, Garrett reveals how you can Live Wealthy Now without sacrificing your long-term success or security.

Your Personal Declaration of Economic Independence (Living Wealthy NOW)

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Download the Living Wealthy Checklist here (this has the questions Garrett references on the call)

Your Personal Declaration of Financial Independence…

Most people want financial security and the “freedom” to do whatever they want.

Yet many struggle on their journey to get there. Part of it stems from a flawed philosophy of money, and part of it comes from continuing to use financial “tactics” they’ve outgrown.

For example, many people turn to Dave Ramsey when they are in financial trouble. And as Garrett mentions around the 5:30 mark in the call…

Dave Ramsey-style tactics work great up to a point…

But they never allow you to fully enjoy the money you make. They can get you out of a crisis, but they’ll never make you wealthy. Plus, Dave’s techniques are not designed with business owners in mind.

So if you’re a financial train wreck, austerity measures like he teaches can help get you back on track. But cutting back and pinching pennies is really more like putting training wheels on your “financial bicycle.”

They serve a specific purpose for a short term. But once you know how to ride — you have to take the training wheels off. Especially if you want to compete at the highest level. Imagine a Tour de France cyclist with training wheels still on. Silly, right?

Yet that’s what many people do with their finances. Unfortunately, keeping these “training wheel” tactics bolted onto your financial philosophy cripples performance and makes life miserable.

If you want to a different solution, Garrett shows how to break free from the limiting philosophy of money that holds most people back, and how to build lasting wealth while still enjoying your money now.

This isn’t about being irresponsible or spending recklessly. It’s about optimization and efficiency.

And the results? Well, listen to the story Garrett tells about Jessica M. in the call recording above. He shows how she and her family finally started living their ideal life when given these tools.

And it shows the night-and-day difference this tiny shift makes in how you approach money and the incredible financial freedom it gives you.

Are You Living Wealthy Now?

On the conference call, Garrett challenges you with 5 important questions from the Financial Health Assessment (you can find the link to download the checklist above under the audio player).

The answers he gives on these questions can totally transform the way you view money. More importantly, you’ll discover a “money mindset that doesn’t leave you stuck in a financial dead-end.

Garrett explains all the details and insights on the call. So listen to the call at the top of the page now. It’s definitely worth the 24-minute investment of time.

Access to Garrett’s Own Financial Team

Living wealthy now is something that is really made possible when you reach something we call “Economic Independence.” The fastest and quickest way to get there is with a personalized Financial Blueprint. That’s exactly what we help people create and execute, and it’s an important part of making your money accessible for use while you are still building wealth.

The key is having the right financial team involved with coordinating all the details and working together. If you want to see if working one-on-one with our Wealth Team makes sense for you, or if you just want more information about our custom financial services and how to get started on your own personalized Wealth Blueprint…

Click here to see if our Wealth Team or our private, 1-on-1 custom financial services is right for you

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The next Private Conference Call with Garrett is scheduled for July 20, 2016 starting at 11:00 AM CDT.

It’s on “Funding Your Kid’s (or Grandkid’s) Education, 101.” We’ll send out emails with registration details for that call a few days beforehand.

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