Financial Freedom For All…

Financial Freedom for All

Most people WANT financial freedom…

Yet the vast majority of people never get there.

Some think financial freedom is too hard to achieve. Or that it takes more money than they’ll ever get.

Others think it’ll take too much time. Or that they’re too old to pursue financial freedom.

For example, right after Garrett released his new Financial Freedom Formula series last week, a subscriber wrote in with this question:

I would be interested to know how someone in their 60s can still become financially independent and gain financial freedom.
It seems to me that this is much easier when you are younger. But what if you missed the boat and want to start now without working yourself to the bone? Many thanks.
– Gunilla

We understand all these objections.

We get similar questions every day asking things like, “Can this work if I’m not a business owner,” or” if I’m retired,” or “if I’m just starting out,” or “if I live outside the U.S.” or “If I don’t have any money to start with?”

The answer to all of these is “yes,” you can achieve Financial Freedom in any of these situations.

In fact, Financial Freedom may be easier to achieve than you believe – regardless of your age, location, experience, or bank account number right now.

It really depends upon your perspective. And the methodology you choose to get there.

That’s because Financial Freedom — at its core — isn’t as much about how much money you have or don’t have.

Defining “Freedom” and “Independence”

So what exactly is “Financial Freedom?”

At Wealth Factory, we use these two definitions:

Financial Freedom = A state of being or mindset where money isn’t the primary motivator.

Economic Independence = A state of having the structures/assets in place that provide the necessary cash flow to cover all your living expenses.

Our advanced financial programs like Fast Track and Wealth Architecture are all about getting those structures set up in your life to help you reach Economic Independence as fast as possible.

Our instructional course like Curriculum for Wealth and our weekly publication BUILD: also show how you can put these structures in place on your own.

Yet all of these programs also have an emphasis on helping you understand Financial Freedom. Because it’s only when you reach this “state of being where money isn’t the primary motivator” that you actually start enjoying your wealth.

And do you know what’s really great about it?

You can achieve Financial Freedom long before you have Economic Independence.

In fact, that’s the key to “living wealthy” while you’re on your journey to Economic Independence.

It’s More than a Feeling

You might say that Financial Freedom is the way you feel about money. And that’s certainly part of it.

For example, one person can feel financially free with just a couple thousand dollars coming in each month —if that covers their basic daily living expenses.

Another person might not feel financially free until they have $30k per month of cash flow coming in every month if they want to maintain a higher standard of living.

We’ve seen people who make 7 figures and feel broke. And we’ve helped people who make a fraction of that feel wealthy.

And yet it’s more than just a feeling.

It’s about having a correct understanding of what money is and what it isn’t.

It’s having insight into how value is created.

It’s about knowing how to leverage the most valuable capital you have — your Mental Capital and your Relationship Capital.

Garrett Gunderson recently released his new Financial Freedom Formula…

And it’s all about how to create more value in the world — and how to properly receive value.

Being equipped to do those two things is what creates the “feelings” of freedom we just described.

Living Wealthy Now

The best thing is — you can learn how to LIVE wealthy right now — and ENJOY a state of financial freedom right now — as you build more wealth for the future.

It just takes that slight change of perspective we talked about…

Along with a methodology that doesn’t require years and years to work.

Because when you apply this, you’ll find that Financial Freedom is available to everyone, even if:

  • You’re retired
  • You’re in your 60’s (or older)
  • You don’t own a business
  • You’re a student
  • You’re outside the U.S. (a question we always get)
  • You don’t have much money to start with

Here’s Proof Anyone Can Create More Value — And More Wealth for Themselves

Let’s look at some examples…

Because when faced with self-doubt — which every successful person has faced in their journey — it can be helpful to see what others have accomplished, in spite of the roadblocks they faced.

So if you’re wondering if you’re “too old,” or if it can’t be done because you’re retired…

Consider Colonel Sanders’s story. He’s the founder of the iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken. At the age of 65, he sold his small local restaurant when an interstate highway moved in and cut off business. His only income was $105 a month from Social Security.

So he started traveling, demonstrating his fried chicken-making technique, and franchising his brand to other restaurant owners.

Within 8 years he had more than 600 locations franchised. He didn’t own or operate any of them. He simply collected a franchise fee for his expertise, knowledge and “secret recipe.”

At the age of 73, Sanders sold the business for $2 million (about $16.2 million today).

If Colonel Sanders can pursue his dreams and achieve financial freedom in retirement, why not you?

Think you’re held back because you don’t have money or experience or you’re a student? 

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his dorm room.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to focus on Microsoft full time.

Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos both started their businesses in a garage — and now Apple and Amazon are two of the most successful companies in the world.

Even Time Magazine was founded by college grads in 1923 as the first weekly news magazine in the United States.

None of these people had a ton of money or experience. They simply had a great idea and worked that idea until it worked.

Even kids are starting businesses around the world.

14-year old Moziah Bridges found his way onto Shark Tank with his “Mo’s Bows” business. He was seeking a $50k investment from the Sharks — but Daymond John instead offered to “mentor” him for free. The connections and expertise John provided turned into $600k in new sales for Moziah in just a couple years.

Ollie Forsyth overcame the stigma of being a bullied, dyslexic child — and taught himself how to set up Ollie’s Shop — an online boutique that made him a business tycoon by age 16.

Not into “owning your own business?”

Not everyone feels they are cut out to be a business owner — or just don’t want that kind of responsibility.

The “gig economy” gives tremendous flexibility to create new forms of cash flow on your own terms without owning a traditional business OR being a traditional employee.

There are millions of international freelancers, everyday folks, and even retirees creating extra income — some even making a full-time living online — with the “gig economy.”

For many — this is all they want or need to feel financially free.

For others, it’s a simple way to generate more cash flow while they work on a bigger dream.

The options for generating more income and creating financial freedom are endless — from driving your car for Uber or Lyft, to renting out your home on Vrbo or Airbnb, to marketing your skills on Fiverr or Upwork.

And there are new ways to create extra cash flow popping up online every day.

The key thing to note:

All These Success Stories Have One Common Denominator…

Each of these people capitalized on an idea or vision (Mental Capital) that was unique or in demand…

AND they had or built connections (Relationship Capital) to get it done or to market their product or service.

Interestingly — they all focused on the PROCESS rather than the money.

They were passionate about what they did and about creating value, and that kept them going without it feeling like “work.”

The point is, you can have success and experience FREEDOM at any level you want.

It all depends upon what you want.

Introducing the Financial Freedom Formula

We firmly believe that most people are only one or two steps away from the next level of prosperity in their lives.

You’re closer than you think, and the fastest way to get what you want is with better information and by meeting new people.

That’s why Garrett Gunderson — Founder and Chief Wealth Architect at Wealth Factory — has created the simple 4-part Financial Freedom Formula.

He shows how to harness your Mental Capital and your Relationship Capital to create more value in the world — and how that process ends up creating the Financial Capital you desire.

You can register for the Financial Freedom Formula training series here. 

Garrett shares the exact process he used to free his family from a 5-generation cycle of financial hardship.

Since then, these same steps have helped thousands of his friends and our customers achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Best of all, it details how you can experience financial freedom and “live wealthy” right now — even before you become economically independent.

Garrett’s also hosting a special webinar on Monday, July 8th to unlock the entire formula and answer your questions. To reserve your seat for the webinar, simply sign up for the Financial Freedom Formula here.

Build the life you love,
The Builders at Wealth Factory

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