State of Wealth Briefing: “How Wealthy Families Invest Their Money: What They Do Right, and What They Do Wrong”

In this State of Wealth Briefing, Garrett reveals how to invest like the wealthiest families (yes, the Rockefellers and more)… plus when it’s best NOT to invest like the wealthy.

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Now back to the State of Wealth…

Garrett tells the story of meeting a wealthy Wall Street executive, who was worth more than $20 million dollars from selling stocks, and yet personally had less than $500,000 in the stock market.

It was also discovered that personal finance “expert” Suze Norman only had 4% of her $25 million liquid net worth in stocks… despite advising her followers to invest in the stock market.

You see, the wealthy play by a different set of rules. So if you want to ethically rig the game in your favor, make money on the buy, improve your cash flow, and do what the wealthy and big institutions do… take the time to watch this important State of Wealth Briefing.

Garrett Also Answered Dozens of Viewer Questions Live, Like…

  • Which investments are more secure in regards to cash flow and the long term when at retirement age — age 66? – Victoria Q.
  • Is cash going to be worth anything in the future? What about block chain and digital money? – Laura
  • What’s your #1 piece of advice for starting a business? – Andrew Y.
  • Any suggestion for a good place to park money that is set aside to pay tax — so that the money is growing while it waits? – Susan W
  • What’s your thought on Index Universal Life vs. Whole Life to build wealth? – Eric
  • I it better to raid a 401K to get out of IRS and credit card debt? -Patrick I
  • Would you place a higher priority on eliminating debt or setting aside 6-months of savings? – Andrew S
  • What’s the best way to pay for college? – Laura D.
  • How do we get started making better investing decisions? – Christy P.

So please enjoy this valuable State of Wealth Briefing, and don’t forget to consider getting your custom wealth blueprint before the sale ends this weekend:

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