Imagine This Scenario – Then Ask Yourself A Simple Question..

You’re talking on your phone, pacing back and forth out on the front lawn. Enjoying a little afternoon sunshine. Minding your own business.

You look up and notice a silver sedan pull up to the curb.

A man wearing khakis and a dark blue polo gets out. He walks right up to you, gives you a stack of papers and says “Here, this is for you.”

Caught off guard, you take the phone-book sized ream of paperwork he hands you.

The man diverts his eyes, almost apologetic, and leaves as quickly as he arrives.

You hang up the phone and start scanning the top page.

You’ve been sued.

You skim down to the section heading that says “Demand for Relief” and see you’re being sued for over 2 million dollars.

How would such a scenario make you feel?

Listen, we don’t wish this on anyone, and our goal is not to scare you.

But the story is not fictitious.

It really happened. And he is a true “nice guy.” A producer.

The fact is, the more successful you become, the more vulnerable you become to financial pirates and predators. Because as every law student learns, “success breeds litigation.”

Which means asset protection is ALWAYS important — but especially as you start to amass a larger fortune.

That’s why asset protection is a foundational piece in every customized Wealth Blueprint we put together for members in our top-level FastTrack program.

And to make sure all of us here at Wealth Factory are up to speed on the latest financial developments…

We regularly invite the elite financial service providers from our Accredited Network into our offices to educate the team…

Because we’re committed to being financial advocates you trust, and that means we take continuing education seriously.

In fact, just a couple weeks ago we had our asset protection attorney from The Accredited Network in our office:

Asset protection attonrey meeting with the Wealth Factory team

Our asset protection attorney at the Wealth Factory office educating Garrett and the team on the latest Asset Protection laws

Andrew educated the team on all the different kinds of legal means available to protect yourself from all the financial pirates and predators out there looking to take what’s rightfully yours.

We learned about DAPTs and WINGs and DINGs and NINGs.

If it sounds complicated, it is. It’s legalese, after all. Which is why you need someone who really knows what they’re doing if you want solid protection. Hiring the family lawyer to provide asset protection usually won’t cut it.

And, he explains, it’s not just about the money. It’s about privacy, security and peace of mind.

Andrew also showed how you can structure your finances with special types of Trusts to pay significantly less tax.

He then answered all of the team’s questions about how everything works, what the risks and trade-offs are, and at what level of income or assets you need to start protecting yourself.

It was great for our team — and it translates into good things for our members too, because we think you’ll agree:

The more things we have handled in our own personal finances, the more secure we feel

And having proper structures in place to streamline our finances and protect our property means we’ll be less stressed out when those financial hiccups pop up in our lives.

The thing is, MOST people don’t have someone taking care of these important financial matters for them.


Well, here’s the 2 biggest reasons we’ve found from people we’ve talked to over the years:

  1. Most people don’t know WHAT they should be doing to fully flesh out their wealth plan
  2. Or they don’t know WHO they should get to take a look at this…

And that’s ultimately why we exist.

We make personal finance accessible for everyone — especially for entrepreneurs, business owners and producers — by providing the right blueprint (modeled off what the ultra-wealthy do with their money) and the coordinated team of professionals to execute the plans.

Here’s how it all started…

Years ago, when Garrett was fresh out of college, he shadowed a financial icon on Wall Street and witnessed several things that completely changed his life.

One of those life-changing events occurred when he followed his mentor into a Family Office firm. These high-end financial firms cater only to the ultra-wealthy, and you need a net worth of at least $50 million just to get an appointment.

As they walked into the posh board room, he saw lawyers, bankers, accountants, registered investment advisors, insurance agents and financial professionals all sitting around a table working together on a financial plan for one single client.

Garrett was impressed, but it also made him mad. “Why doesn’t EVERYONE have access to this level of service?”

And from that day on, Garrett vowed he’d create a similar type of program that everyone could enjoy, even if they weren’t worth the $50 million you need to hire one of these elite firms.

But the task was harder than he anticipated. Much harder.

He quickly found that lawyers and accountants and insurance agents and registered investment advisors don’t like to work together. They each have their own agenda. And they don’t communicate with each other well.

Next, he discovered that most financial advisors have different philosophies about money, so it was hard to find financial professionals who shared the same time-honored, fiscally conservative financial values he knew worked no matter what the economy did.

Finally, he realized it would be extremely expensive to provide the same kind of exclusive, sit-around-a-table experience he witnessed in New York.

So for two straight years Garrett woke up at 4 AM in order to have a couple of hours of solitude before his day began to figure out how to put this kind of team together.

After 2 years of hard work, he distilled everything into 20 premise points. These points clearly defined the financial philosophy that he saw the ultra-wealthy use.

And so for the next year he went about assembling a team of professionals who agreed with these principles. Each financial professional had to go through a rigorous interview process multiple times, and had to agree with all 20 premise points.

It was exhausting work, and at one point Garrett almost gave up. It seemed it might be impossible to find the right financial team that fit his strict standards.

But in the end, perseverance prevailed.

Garrett found 7 individuals whom he trusted with his own money and who passed the 9 month interview process to make the grade.

Because of the extensive work Garrett put in to vetting each of these financial professionals, Garrett named this group The Accredited Network.

With this elite network of financial experts assembled, Garrett set out to change the world of personal finance.

What he found, however, was that not everyone appreciated his efforts.

Traditional financial planners (who simply sell products) felt threatened. And many people who could be helped didn’t want to change their ways. It seemed to go against everything they’d been taught. And many were simply content with mediocrity rather than striving for financial excellence.

So rather than waste time trying to convince everyone that his way was better, Garrett decided to seek out people who already embraced the idea of being a “producer.”

What’s a “Producer?”

A producer is someone who creates more value than they consume.

A producer rejects complacency, mediocrity, conformity, and dependency.

A producer is fueled by vision and passion, governed by principles, guided by ideals and values.

A producer does not succeed through luck. They succeed through conscious effort.

A producer does not feel entitled to the fruit of another man’s labor.

A producer takes full responsibility for her/his life and results.

A producer lives by design, not by default.

While others complain about problems, a producer creates opportunities and solutions.

A producer does not wait for “someday” happiness; a producer chooses happiness now.

A producer is not afraid to act and fail; failure is simply accelerated learning.

A producer values persistence as much as talent and intelligence.

A producer trusts the inner voice, not the wisdom of crowds.

While others criticize from couches, a producer toils in trenches.

While others are blaming, a producer is busy building.

A producer never looks back at “what might have been.”

A producer leaves a legacy of service and contribution.

At Wealth Factory, we’re Producers.

And we’re committed to helping fellow Producers protect and keep more of what they’ve earn so they can live the life they desire without the needless financial stress that would normally hold them back.

But let’s be clear.

This doesn’t mean we eliminate every financial stress out there. Things may still happen that make your heart jump. Like getting served a lawsuit while talking on the phone in your driveway.

But having a clear blueprint that mirrors your life values, and having a coordinated financial team watching your back DOES eliminate much of the financial stress and confusion people suffer.

And tapping into your own, personal Investor DNA simplifies investing decisions so you never have to second guess yourself. It doesn’t mean you’ll always pick “winning” investments. That would be impossible.

It does mean you will understand what you’re investing in, so you’ll know when it’s time time get in, and (more importantly), when it’s time to get out.

It also means you continue to learn and grow throughout your life, because when you’re a true producer, you…

Never stop learning

We are constantly learning and updating our team of Wealth Architects and Wealth Engineers as important changes in laws occur.

If we promise to be your financial advocate, we want to do everything in our power to be the best we can be.

Are you a “Producer” too?

If any of this resonates with you, and especially if you agree with any of the traits of a producer listed above, be on the watch for an invitation next week.

We’ll be having a free training coming up where Garrett is going to cover topics he normally only covers in our $3900 in-person workshops.

No firm date is set, but we’ll have more details for you next week.

While you wait for the details on the free training call with Garrett, here are some articles we’ve created for you to help you gain financial clarity in specific areas:

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