State of Wealth Briefing: “Safeguard and Grow Your Wealth in Any Economy with Cash Flow Banking”

In this special State of Wealth Briefing, Garrett invites cash flow specialist, Dale Clarke, to show you the power of Cash Flow Banking.

Including how Cash Flow Banking can provide streams of income for you, help your children (or grandchildren) pay for things like college or starting a business, and be the foundation of your financial legacy that lives on for generations.

If you want to discover…

  • How to make sure that when the market declines, you don’t have to participate in the decline
  • How to lock in your gains year after year so your wealth never goes down
  • Plus how to navigate any economy… and access money to jump on opportunities when others are fearful and liquidating…

…then you’ll want to watch this special State of Wealth Briefing with Dale… or “The Human ATM” as he is known here at Wealth Factory.

First Garrett shares the reason why he predicts the stock market will cease to exist as an entity during his lifetime… the technology that is already threatening Wall Street… plus the simple concept that will replace buying stocks.

Then… the Cash Flow Banking Walkthrough

Cash Flow Banking allows you to bypass the stock market.

First you find where you’re financially inefficient so you can save on tax, interest, investment fees, insurance costs and more…

And then automate paying yourself first by capturing that savings and setting it aside so it doesn’t commingle with your personal funds.

Then as your savings builds up, you can do the same thing banks and institutions do… store your wealth in Cash Value rather than savings.

That way you get a higher dividend rate, a higher guaranteed interest rate, and it’s not taxable within your policy.

In this State of Wealth Briefing, Dale walks you through a real-life example of how he’s able to get a minimum 4% return — and as high as 8% return — with a special overfunded Whole Life insurance policy.

He’ll show you — with actual numbers — an example policy that grows to 360% of the initial investment.

He’ll show you how to access your Cash Value tax-free in retirement… how to leverage the Death Benefit while you’re still alive… AND still leave a significant sum for your heirs.

Not sure you’re financially ready for this yet? Dale also has an immediate solution for you while you work on getting your finances set.

Finally, Dale walks you through the actual numbers for one of his favorite strategies called “The Triple Play.” With this strategy you can…

  1. Allocate funds into Whole Life policy to help your children or grandchildren pay for college or start a business
  2. Use your policy to create a supplemental stream of income when you get to economic independence
  3. And leave a legacy for your family through your policy’s death benefit

This is a special State of Wealth Briefing that you won’t want to miss.

Dale also took questions at the end of the presentation from those who attended the State of Wealth Briefing live, so make sure to stay until the end.

Please enjoy, and if you have specific questions about how a Cash Flow Banking policy might work in your situation, click here to book a free consultation with a Cash Flow Banking specialist.

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