The Simple Formula that Gives You Superpowers to Accomplish Anything You Want in Life (and make it stick)

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If you were given a single superpower to accomplish anything you want in the next year, what would it be?

Double revenues? Triple profits? Quadruple your investments? Six months savings stored up? Fully functional Cash Flow Bank set up?

Or maybe you just want more freedom. Freedom to take a month-long vacation without worrying about money. Freedom to work as little or as much as you want. Freedom to buy whatever you want without worrying that you’ll overdraft the bank account.

All of that is possible, of course.

And the “superpower” you need to do it is not as hard to get as you think.

The Basic Formula

Wealth Factory Founder Garrett Gunderson accomplishes more in life than the average person. Some people think he must be superhuman to get so much done.

The truth is, he simply uses something he calls the Value Equation. It looks like this:

Mental Capital X Relationship Capital = _________________

Looks pretty simple, yes.

But when you understand how it works — and how to actually implement it in your life…

It’s a powerful framework that virtually unlocks hidden superpowers within you to accomplish almost anything you want.

Key Details (The Superpower Formula revealed)

Since we are in the business of helping people improve their financial strength and clarity, Garrett usually spells out the Value equation like this:

Mental Capital X Relationship Capital = Financial Capital

But as mentioned, you can replace “Financial Capital” with anything you want to accomplish:

Mental Capital X Relationship Capital = Your goal accomplished

So if you want to transform yourself from fat to skinny, weak to muscular, no-name to famous, or broke to rich…

This formula gives you the superpowers to accomplish it.

We’ll get into the details and how to put it all together in a minute.

First, we need to understand…

Why We Get Off Track

When we first start to make positive changes in our life, we’re full of enthusiasm.

And the fact is, we can start getting the results we want pretty fast as long as we have the right actions.

But then what inevitably happens along the way?

You’re chugging along, making progress and then something knocks you off track. Then another distraction pops up. Then another.

Unless you course correct immediately, you start veering in a new direction.

Suddenly, you’re so far off course you just give up. Or you might even get so far off track you forget where you were ever headed in the first place.

These frustrations lead us to believe that we’re not good enough. Or that success is easy for others, not us. Or that we don’t have the right “stuff” to accomplish our goals.

Right now we’re going to show you a stunningly effective and simple way to change yourself…

So you can build — and live — the life you love.

The key to unlocking your inner superpowers is to eradicate as many of these distractions that take us off track as possible.

You can’t realistically eliminate all distractions…

But you CAN minimize them and build a safety net that gently pushes you back “on course.”

It’s easier to explain what’s going on and how it works with a story…

The Story: Garrett’s Rags to Riches Story…

As hard as it may be to believe, Garrett wasn’t always the Garrett Gunderson you now know. He didn’t just pop out of the womb a financial genius.

In fact, Garrett grew up surrounded by a lot of poverty in a small coal mining town. He was surrounded by people who were stuck in scarcity, so it’s no surprise he internalized that early on.

Upbringing affects a lot of things — the way you talk, the way you think, the way you act, and even the way you feel about yourself.

Garrett knew one thing. He didn’t want to be a 4th generation coal miner. He wanted more out of life. In fact, he wanted to be rich.

But he had no idea how to get there.

So he figured he’d just work hard. It’s a great trait he still has — but Garrett realized early on that hard work is NOT the key to getting rich.

After all, all the coal miners in his hometown worked super hard, and none of them were rich.

So he started a business while still in high school. But what he ended up with was really just a glorified job. He soon realized he wasn’t going to get rich by trading time for money detailing cars.

He even went on to study accounting at one point thinking that’s how he’d get rich.

Why? Because the richest person he knew growing up was an uncle who was an accountant and he had a nicer house than Garrett grew up in.

Why Goals and Desires aren’t enough

Do you see what was happening? Garrett had a goal. He had the desire to there. He simply lacked the proper Mental Capital.

The turning point came when Garrett finally learned the Value Equation we started with.

The first part of the equation says to seek out the proper information. That’s the Mental Capital.

In Garrett’s early story, he was trying to learn how to get rich from people who (by no fault of their own) were also clueless.

His family wasn’t rich. His teachers weren’t rich. His early bosses weren’t rich. So nothing they taught him was ever going to make him rich.

It wasn’t until he started learning from rich people about how to actually build wealth that he made his first breakthrough.

The Bigger Picture

But as you can imagine — good information can only take you so far.

Think about it this way… you can go to a library and research every phase of building a house, and have the best possible knowledge —

But to actually get the house built, you also need help from other people. You’ll need skilled workers to pour the concrete, build the walls, and raise the roof.

This is what Relationship Capital is all about.

Because everything we value in life is ultimately a team sport.

No one builds a house alone. No one builds a business alone. No one wins a Super Bowl alone. It all takes a team.

Even with money. No one builds wealth alone.

So the next step in Garrett’s journey to Financial Stardom was to surround himself with the best mentors and team he could find. People who share the same philosophy. People who aligned with his Mental Capital…

Because when you are trying to make a positive change in your life, there is one powerful, destructive monster constantly trying to knock you off track…


Sometimes it’s internal resistance — like old, limiting beliefs telling you you’re not good enough. Or maybe it’s bad information you’ve internalized in the past. Or competing information.

Sometimes the resistance is external. Maybe it’s pushback from a friend or colleague. Or lack of alignment with a parent, child, or spouse.

Many people fail at this point because the only thing they have to rely upon when resistance shows up is “willpower.”

Why willpower doesn’t work

In reality, very few people actually have enough “willpower” to make lasting changes.

We all rely on feedback loops whenever we are trying to make a change. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight you will periodically look in the mirror and step on the scale.

This gives you visual confirmation that the changes you’re making are actually working.

We also rely on human feedback. When people who are close to us give us positive reinforcement about a change we’re making, that helps make the change stick.

But if people challenge our changes, or worse yet, belittle our progress or our goals… it can permanently derail our efforts.

The Key Combat Resistance is Being Consistent

The only way to combat resistance…

And make your desired changes permanent is to have consistency with our new information and with our feedback.

Here are three proven ways to stay consistent:

1.  First, if at all possible, change your environment. This minimizes distractions and keeps you more consistent with less drag.

For example, if you want to lose weight, having sugary snacks all over your house won’t help, will it? You’d want to surround yourself with all kinds of healthy options instead. This is actually proven to work.

In Garrett’s case, he traveled to New York to learn from the best financial minds he could find. He talked to people who were already rich to find out what they did. He moved his offices to Salt Lake City so he’d be closer to more successful people. He joined masterminds and seminars to connect with people who knew the kinds of things he wanted to learn.

All of this simultaneously increased his Mental Capital, and his Relationship Capital.

The end result? Garrett accomplished what he set out to do. (Remember how he knew early on he wanted to be rich? Well, he became a multimillionaire before age 30.)

The Value Equation gave him the superpowers to do it.

2. Get yourself a mentor.

It can be anyone — but it should be someone you trust. Someone who aligns with your values. Who shares your Mental Capital. Someone who will be honest with you about changes that need to be made. And someone with enough skill and knowledge to push you back on the proper course if you get derailed.

Because no matter how popular or successful or rich you get, you will always have times in your life when you aren’t sure what to do. A mentor helps you stay the course when your emotions are screaming to give up.

3. Stick to one system

There is often more than one way to make a change. And different systems can often accomplish the same goal.

However — competing information can be just as destructive as faulty information because it ends up confusing you. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, doing The Cookie diet (yes, it’s a thing), the Slim Fast diet and the Paleo diet all at the same time probably isn’t going to work. It’s just too much competing information.

In Garrett’s journey, he completely gave up on the accumulation model and focused on cash flow. He took investment risk out of his portfolio and focused on Investor DNA instead. He made liquidity a priority over collecting dead assets.

Sticking to these principles helps him avoid distractions (even though he knows he may occasionally “miss out” on some otherwise great opportunities).

Wealth Factory is built on The Value Equation principles

Garrett takes everything that made him personally successful and transfers that into all of his business ventures.

Our mission here at Wealth Factory is to help one million entrepreneurs reach economic independence.

We do that by building our company around the Value Equation.

First, we gather the best financial information possible to help entrepreneurs and business owners master their personal finances.

We assure the information comes from already-successful people and that it actually gets results.

We offer much of that information to anyone who wants to improve their financial lives by giving it away free in guides, checklists, and books.

We also curate our best information and put it into tuition-based courses and paid trainings.

That’s our Mental Capital.

Then we assemble a network of Financial experts in every field who align with our philosophy.

We have Financial Architects to help our clients identify and build out their Wealth Blueprints.

We hold regular Wealth Acceleration Workshops in-person at our home office.

Then we help our customers apply all the financial education to their own unique situations with individual and small-group coaching.

We provide financial results facilitation in a tuition-based model to make sure there’s no conflict of interest.

That way, we are always looking out for the client’s best interest.

That’s our Relationship Capital at work.

And that simple Value Equation has worked very well for us and our customers.

What To Do Next

Use the Value Equation to successfully unlock your own innate superpowers, just like Garrett did.

It’s a high-level framework to help you accomplish any financial goal you set your mind to.

Best of all, it can easily be adapted to any situation you can think of. The keys to using it are:

  1. Get the best information possible. Usually (but not always) you’ll have to pay for this.
  2. Change your environment to create less drag and eliminate distractions.
  3. Surround yourself with people who support you in your goal (physically if possible, but online works too).
  4. Get a mentor who can guide you and nudge you back on track
  5. Stick to one system

If you already have a financial system that’s working for you, great — stick with it and we wish you all the best!

And if you’re not sure what your financial goals should be, how to reach them, or what order you should do them in…

That’s where we come in.

Our Wealth Architecture Premium group coaching program offers the best of our financial education coupled with personalized guidance from a trained Financial Architect.

This is a results-based, implementation-oriented program to help you reach economic independence as fast as possible, often within 3-7 years.

We keep it focused on one topic each month to keep distractions low. And when resistance rears its ugly head to derail your progress, we’ll be there to nudge you back on track and preserve your precious progress.

The program is designed to be a 12-month financial makeover with month-to-month tuition.

For a limited time, there’s also a full-year prepayment special. All the details on how to join Wealth Architecture Premium are here.

That’s it for this week.

Build the life you love,

The Builders at Wealth Factory

P.S. If all you’re just beginning your journey with us and simply want to increase your Mental Capital, here are a few articles that Garrett has written for Forbes and Entrepreneur that can put you on the right track:

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