State of Wealth Briefing: “How Money Gets Transferred”

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Transcript of the Briefing:

Hi everyone, this is Chief Wealth Architect, Garrett Gunderson.

Thanks for joining us today. I’m so glad that you’ve taken the time out of your life to invest in yourself and to make sure that you keep a lot more of what you make and that we really dissect the world of investing.

I was recently having a conversation over the holidays at my cabin, and this was someone who is very intelligent, but as we dove deeper and deeper inside of how the stock market really works, how our money really gets moved, and how they talk about money being lost, that it never really gets lost. I just saw light bulbs going off and so I got a hold of the team here at Wealth Factory like Matt and Tom and we had a great conversation and decided this would be a great topic, especially a timely topic. Timely because everything that’s going on in the economy right now, we’re seeing it starting to have a lot more ebbs and flows.

We saw that we had a downturn last year in the stock market. Now it’s hard to get this message through to people when times are so good, just going up every single year no matter what happens. And when that happens a lot of times people get kind of lulled to sleep, they feel really comfortable with it. And they go, well I can afford to lose a certain amount. But the reality is when we start to dissect what’s happening now and what’s going to happen moving forward and really get clear about how the stock market truly works. I think it’ll open up a lot of eyes to help you protect your cash in a lot more profound ways and look at other options of investing because here at Wealth Factory we truly believe in investor DNA.
Investor DNA is your values. It’s your competencies, the things that you’re very best and knowledgeable in.

It’s your drivers, those things you wanna pay attention to, you find yourself talking about and studying. And when we combine that for focus, it’s really about understanding that risk is in the investor, not the investment. So how can you become a better investor?

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