StrengthsVesting – Driving your Personal Finances by Leveraging Your Strengths

Which kind of investor are you, and what kinds of investments should you be considering?

Let’s start with where you shouldn’t invest (these are only examples, and not meant as advice specific to your situation:)

There’s chasing after the hottest stock. There’s gambling. There’s investing in things you don’t understand. There’s deferring your investing strategy and wealth to a financial planner who could put your money in a one-size-fits-many plan and look at it once a year.

And then there’s strengthvesting – investing in things you are STRONG at.

In this video, Garrett Gunderson dives into strengthvesting, or your Investor DNA, to show you the difference it makes to your bottom line when you invest in things you understand and are GOOD at understanding, instead of hitting the major pitfalls and disasters that hit most people one time or another when investing outside of their circle of competence.

Use an “investment scorecard” to help you identify how aligned you are with an investment, and whether it’s the right investment for you, or something you should pass on.

It takes a lot of “no’s” to find the right “yes,” and strengthvesting will help you filter out the no’s and distractions to get to yes.

We want to protect your abundance, and leverage your strengths, so you can put your money to work in a safe and secure way that’s aligned with what you know and value.

To help you get started, we’ve created the StrengthsVesting Investment Scorecard for you. Grab it for free right here.

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