Wealth Factory Gets a New CEO (and this is a really good thing)

Garrett has stepped down as CEO. He’s our visionary, our leader, and our human encyclopedia when it comes to personal finance.

Moving forward, Garrett gets to focus full time on developing and simplifying personal finance strategies for entrepreneurs. You’ll probably see even more of him than you’ve seen before.

Garrett is replacing himself as CEO with Norm WesterveltNorm Westervelt. Norm has worked side by side with Garrett for over 5 years, as CFO and COO. With an MBA and 20 years on Garrett, Norm brings experience and operational excellence to Wealth Factory. He ran a $100 million company as a CFO in his 20’s, bought into and grew a manufacturing company, then sold it, and became the business consultant that Garrett eventually hired on to run Wealth Factory and lead the execution of our vision to help a million entrepreneurs build their wealth architecture by 2020.

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