Wealth Factory Introduces Integrated Bookkeeping and Accounting Services through Bench

Wealth Factory has partnered with Bench to provide integrated bookkeeping and accounting services to its members. Bench gives businesses an all-in-one bookkeeping, tax, and advisory solution, without the costly CPA price tag.

This partnership will help Wealth Factory members reduce their costs while improving efficiency by eliminating redundant work across both companies’ platforms.

Membership Site Integration for Wealth Builders Club Members

For the initial launch, Wealth Builders Club (WBC) members will be able to access all Bench services directly from their online membership site.

This is a convenient way for WBC members to access all their wealth-building tools and Bench services in a single online dashboard.

Here’s a look at how seamlessly Bench integrates into the WBC members area:

Why This Is so Important

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are 27 million small businesses in the United States.

Most of the owners of these small businesses know they should be keeping up-to-date books.

Unfortunately, many of them are so busy with their own business operations that they neglect this task or fall behind on it.

It’s not uncommon for a solo small business owner to fall several months to several years behind in their bookkeeping!

This prevents them from accessing the best tax strategies and creates an overall sense of overwhelm and an added layer of stress.

Bench solves all that. They provide ongoing bookkeeping with monthly reports. 

They provide “catch-up” services to get any entrepreneur’s books up to date.

They make filing taxes a breeze with all the reports and data your CPA needs to prepare your taxes.

And they even make it easier to qualify for a loan since your books will always be current and up to date.

Done-For-You Services

Best of all, Bench is not a do-it-yourself service like traditional accounting software.

A dedicated bookkeeper takes care of all bookkeeping tasks, so business owners can focus on growing their companies. 

This hands-off approach offers peace of mind that their books are always complete and error-free—and it gives them valuable hours back in the schedule every month.

Achieving Our Member’s Financial Goals through Collaboration

Throughout its history, Wealth Factory has worked in partnership with other businesses that are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs manage their finances more easily.

As we like to say, building wealth is a team sport. 

Still, we only work with companies that share common values and financial philosophies.

Bench checks all the boxes, so giving Wealth Factory members a convenient way to access their vital services in a convenient way is a huge win.

Having bookkeeping and accounting services integrated into their membership site allows members to focus on the parts of the business they love, and makes their path to Economic Independence a smoother journey.

“Wealth Factory’s partnership with Bench is a game-changer for small business owners looking to simplify their finances and reach Economic Independence,” said Mathieu Silverstein, CMO at Wealth factory. “Optimizing their personal finances is the first step on that journey, and for most of the entrepreneurs we work with, their business finances are the primary input for their personal finances. If their business doesn’t have accurate financials, then the entrepreneur’s doing the spectacular equivalent of flying an airplane blindfolded. The sky full of entrepreneurs flying blind. Some of them are doing great, others are flying enthusiastically in the wrong direction, but they’d be making more money and getting where they intended to go if they had a better gage on their numbers and a focus on cash flow. We’re excited to leverage Bench’s account creation API directly in our members area, making it dead simple for entrepreneurs to upgrade their business finances, while they’re working with Wealth Factory on the personal finance side.”

Helps You Build a Life You Love

Wealth Factory’s mission is to help 1 million people reach Economic Independence. 

We believe that if you have the right tools, information, and team supporting you, anyone can achieve their financial dreams.

We’re confident that our new partnership with Bench gives our members access to the online accounting services and tools they need at an affordable price — so they can save time, simplify their finances, and reach Economic Independence faster.

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