What is Cash Flow, and What Is It for Entrepreneurs?

What is cash flow?

More importantly, what is cash flow for entrepreneurs? And how you can you use it to build the life you love?

Most finance is about building net worth. It’s about building a nest egg and letting compound interest do its thing while you don’t touch your money for 30 years.

Cash flow, business owners know, is about how often money comes in, how easily accessible your money is, and how much it actually flows.

If there’s a lot of net worth, but no cash flow, you could even end up in bankruptcy, because you might have bills to pay, and obligations that you can’t meet.

Poor cash flow can lead to squeezing you out of your wealth. But if you focus on cash flow, it’s not just about how much you make, but about how much you keep.

Bottom line dollars are what count.

Top line revenue is great, but cash flow and bottom line is about: what can you do with it once it’s gone through expenses, taxes, what’s left over to give you liquidity and safety, and ultimately give you a chance at wealth.

We’re specialists at helping entrepreneurs increase their cash flow by:

  1. Being more efficient with their taxes (9 out of 10 are overpaying here)
  2. Being more efficient with their debt structure and loan structure, whether by improving your credit score and refinancing, or finding other pieces of collateral.
  3. Duplicate insurance coverage
  4. Finding hidden fees in commissions by financial planners that can be put back in your pocket…
  5. And more (watch the video for a few other examples)

Nobody shrinks their way to wealth.

It’s the right systems. We want to help you understand what’s going to help you create more production, not reduction and sacrifice, which is what you’ll learn most other places.

How do you expand your means, as opposed to delaying, deferring, and budgeting?

Watch this video to learn what Wealth Factory founder Garrett Gunderson has to say about it.

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