What is Wealth Factory?

Hi, Garrett Gunderson here, and I’m excited to bring to you a program to create sustainable wealth to improve your cash flow and create more freedom through peace of mind, certainty, and financial clarity.

How do we do that? Well, we start by understanding where you’re losing and leaking money.

We want to plug those leaks you can improve your bottom line without having to work harder, take any more risk, or do a thing that’s completely against what you been built for as an entrepreneur.

In personal finance, far too often we hear advice that conflicting with our own principles and what resonates deep within.

Like, “Hey, we should set our money aside. We’re in it for the long haul…”

Or “High risk equals high return.” If we did these kinds of things in our businesses, we’d go bankrupt far too quickly. But somehow we’re convinced to separate ourselves from our money and hand it over to financial planners that are based completely upon commission, or upon thirty years from today and some pie in the sky called retirement.

What about improving cash flow? What about expanding your means so that you’re increasing your productivity? We want to make sure that it’s consistent with your principles and we want to make sure there’s preservation, we want to make sure that you understand exit strategies, and that you know how to create safety, stability, and security right now and today, because there are areas that no one gets paid a commission for, like making sure you have liquidity, building up things like an opportunity fund, or a bullet fund, or what we call a war chest. So how do you start to do these things without having to sacrifice or short-circuit because it seems overwhelming?

We’re here to create simplicity for you with direction. We do this through education, we do this through strategy, and then through direct implementation as we help you build and support your existing network to improve your finances.

Wealth is manufactured, and that’s why we are Wealth Factory.

There’s a simple process. And unless you know it, wealth can become elusive, evasive, and very confusing.

We’re here to simplify your life,
and take you to another level.

Build the life you love,
Garrett B. Gunderson
Founder, Wealth Factory

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