The Winning Framework for Long-term Investing

This is Part 1 of the Financial Health Accelerator Series on “Money and Investing.” It includes the conference call audio, and the downloadable checklist.


Can you answer “Yes” to all 4 of these questions?

  1. Do you know the person responsible for generating the returns on all managed investments (the real money managers – not the product salesperson)?
  2. Do you have enough knowledge about the markets you are in to know when to move completely out when certain indicators are triggered?
  3. Have you applied risk mitigation/management strategies to all your investment?
  4. Do your investments leave you in a place of clarity and peace of mind because you are confident in what you are doing?

In this private conference call, Garrett covers why it is critical to answer “Yes” to all of these questions:

Listen in on the Private Call Here:

Download the Long-term Investments Checklist here (this is what Garrett references on the call)

The call is just under 30 minutes and answers all 4 of the above questions, plus plenty of real-life case studies and quick ways you can start implementing risk management in your own investments right now.

Brings Financial Clarity

What Garrett covers on the call helps you find clarity in all your long-term investing decisions. Otherwise you’re always second-guessing yourself and worried about losses.

We’ve found that “working with a team” is the quickest way to get that kind of clarity. Nobody’s an expert at everything. Garrett admits he’d be a mess if he had to handle everything in his financial life.

The #1 Key is Teamwork

So that’s ultimately the #1 thing we do at Wealth Factory. We provide a multi-pronged strategy that puts money back into your life quickly so you can live wealthy NOW…

And then we surround you with a great financial team so you can build lifelong wealth and even a family legacy if you want.

Wealth Management Like the Rockefellers

Garrett built his own financial super team after seeing how the Rockefeller Family Office works — which is basically a coordinated group of financial experts in 7 different areas covering critical areas like asset protection, tax strategy, insurance coverage, risk management, legal and accounting services, and investments.

All these financial experts work together on a unified and coordinated wealth plan, all for the benefit of one single client.

It’s an incredible experience. The problem is, elite Family Office firms only work with people worth at least $50M-$100M.

Access to Garrett’s Own Financial Team

So Garrett put together his own Accredited Network modeled after these elite Family Office firms. After 10 years of exhaustive searching and vetting, Garrett finally assembled his own personal financial “superteam.”

This team takes care of Garrett’s own personal finances, and he also makes their services available to a handful of qualified individuals each year who want a team working on their finances.

You don’t need any minimum net worth to qualify — however it’s not the right fit for everyone, and it works best for business owners and those with at least $100K per year in income.

If that fits you and you’d like to inquire about this private, custom-level financial team service, just follow the link below:

Inquire about our Financial Team services here

Up Next

We have added the second part of the Financial Health Accelerator Series called How to Reduce Risk, Avoid Losses, and Boost Returns by Tapping into Your Own Investor DNA and you can check it out here.

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