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The next step is to take a look at What Would Billionaires Do? to see how to turn your new extra cash flow into a multi-generational wealth plan, using billionaire financial engines that the Rockefellers and other wealthy families use… even if you’re not worth millions.


Living Wealthy will arrive in your inbox in the next 5-15 minutes.

The next step is to take a look at What Would Billionaires Do? to see how to turn your new extra cash flow into a multi-generational wealth plan, using billionaire financial engines that the Rockefellers and other wealthy families use… even if you’re not worth tens of millions.

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"This Book Reveals How To Create Generational Wealth Like Billionaires Do and Live an Abundant Life Right Now

...Without risky stock market speculation, confusing financial plans, or needing a $50M net worth to start with"

Norm Westervelt Norm Westervelt
Wealth Factory Co-Founder and CEO

Dear Friend,

If you want to discover how to continually grow your wealth using the same method as the richest family in American history...

If you want to give your family all the best things in life without enabling them to squander the family fortune (like most "trust-fund babies" accomplish in one generation)...

And if you never want to fear running out of money (either now or in future generations)...

Then What Would Billionaires Do? could be the most important financial book you ever read... and here's why.

First, a Warning:

Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

The ideas and financial strategies revealed in this book are only for people willing to look at money in a different way than we've all been taught...

And it will only benefit people willing to acknowledge that there ARE shortcuts to building massive wealth.

Now I realize that may sound like a very strange "warning," but it's incredibly important, because...

The Wealthy Leverage Money Differently Than Everyone Else

And it took stumbling onto an obscure, decades-old document to uncover this.

The document wasn’t widely circulated and the financial establishment mainly ignored it.

Yet the strategies inside are absolutely stunning...

It shows you how to take advantage of wealth benefits created by powerful financial interests who spent millions lobbying Washington DC. Things like...

It made me think…

This must be how ultra-wealthy families continue to grow and pass on their fortunes...

Just like the Rockefeller Family who still controls an estimated 11 billion dollars 6 generations after John D. Rockefeller struck it rich in the oil business.

The document opened my eyes to multi-generational wealth, but it felt incomplete.

So my team tracked down the author and paid him thousands of dollars to fly into town and let us interview him for two days.

It was fascinating, but there were still a few holes in the concept.

So we spent the next decade improving and perfecting the system.

While also helping hundreds of families implement this wealth strategy in their life.

And then…

A Rockefeller-Family Insider Called My Office On the Phone...

A CPA who worked for the Rockefeller Family Foundation heard what we were up to and reached out.

After explaining the system in detail, and she said…

"You're spot on. This is the philosophy we used. This makes a ton of sense."

She also said that every time a new Rockefeller is born — and there are nearly 200 alive today — they are added to this wealth system.

And now they get to experience continual financial growth for the rest of their lives — and eventually pass on money tax-free to their heirs, too.

In life, the system acts as an “Opportunity fund” to provide money for life events like college, buying a home, starting a business and more.

Plus, if something happens where the economy changes or the market goes down, you are completely protected from any downside.

It’s the best financial system I’ve ever come across, and best of all…

You don’t have to be a millionaire to implement this multi-generational wealth plan.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions as described in the tell-all book, What Would Billionaires Do?

Now You Can Do Exactly What the Wealthiest Family in U.S. History Does

This may take you out of your comfort zone, because it may mean you need to stop doing some things you've grown accustomed to — like trying to score big wins in the stock market, or jumping in early on IPOs, or speculating on cryptocurrencies.

These activities can feel exciting, but are almost always distractions that derail true wealth-building.

So if you're willing to do the simple (and sometimes boring) things that really count — like creating guaranteed returns with trusts, optimizing your insurance coverages to fully protect all your assets, and strategically engineering your wealth by tapping into your Investor DNA...

Then you could change your family’s fortunes forever.

I know that eliminates a lot of people, however that's who this is for.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you...

What Would Billionaires Do?

Here's Exactly What You're Getting...

This book details, in full, the multi-generational wealth plan invented and used by the Rockefellers for more than 6 generations...

That anyone can use to protect and grow their wealth, even if they’re not a millionaire.

You'll get the complete system, and one of the best things about this book is...

It's a quick, easy read that you can finish in a couple evenings or a weekend.

There's no technical language and the entire multi-generational wealth plan is spelled out in simple terms.

Plus it’s filled with client case studies and examples so you can see first-hand how it works and the impressive results the system provides.


It's About MORE Than Just Money — It’s About a Living Legacy, Too

You see, the system you discover inside this book allows you to live a more full and enjoyable life...

To preserve, protect, and grow your wealth for your family right now and for generations to come...

AND to free up more cash to enjoy life while leaving behind a significant (tax-free) inheritance for you kids and grandchildren.

Best of all, it works for anyone at any level — even if you're not a "millionaire."

Here’s a Fraction of What You'll Discover...

In Fact, this Book Gives You the Proven Way to Reach Economic Independence Fast...

Here's a huge bonus. You can even use the billionaire financial system revealed in the book to reach Economic Independence faster.

Economic Independence is the point at which you have enough cash inflows to support the lifestyle you want, and that doesn't require you to actively work.

This allows you to work when you want, for as long as you want — all on your terms, not because you "have to."

And that frees up your mind, your calendar and your energy level to do just about anything you want.

We've seen clients triple their net worth in 3-7 years while working half as much using this system. And while that may not be typical — especially just from reading a book — it is what's possible when you fully employ the systems found in this book.

But it gets better because you're also getting...

An Advanced System For "Buying Your Net Worth" Instead of Building It!

At the end of this book, you even get a blueprint of the most powerful way I've found to build your net worth ...

Consider how much money you would have to put away each month to build up a five million dollar nest egg. How much time, effort, and stress you would have to endure to make that happen?

With the method revealed in the book, instead, you can buy a specific type of legal contract that actually gives you a five million dollar nest egg immediately.

You’ll see exactly how it works when you read Chapter Ten.

The best part of this is that it's ...

Specifically Designed For People Who Want To Retire Wealthy and Enjoy Life!

Listen. If you worry about not being able to live the lifestyle you hoped for during retirement — you're not alone.

Between all the moving targets of interest rates, taxes, inflation, the markets, etc. — it's nearly impossible to predict what your net worth will be when you retire.

But this system gives you a contractually guaranteed net worth from day one, so you never have to worry about having enough money to retire on.

Better yet...

You'll Know How To Access, Spend, and Enjoy Your Wealth Long Before You Retire...

And you'll do it without the fear of running out of money.

Too many people put their lives on hold and defer the enjoyment of their wealth for that simple reason.

They're afraid if they spend and enjoy their money now, they won't have enough later.

The multi-generational wealth plan revealed in the book gives you the freedom to spend money on the things you love and create memories with your family and loved ones...

And still gives you absolute certainty that you'll have everything you need to retire wealthy...

And know your family will be taken care of for generations to come.

Plus It Guarantees Your Family and Future Generations Can Benefit From Your Wealth Without Being Able to Squander It

That's the part I really love, because I want to empower my children to accomplish amazing things and live fulfilling lives.

At the same time, I loathe the thought of them not being prepared for money and ruining their chance at happiness and purpose.

The system you get when you read the book solves that problem automatically.

In fact, it's built right into the system. It's part and parcel of how it works.

Here's What to Do Next

It's part of Wealth Factory's mission to help one million entrepreneurs reach Economic Independence.

So to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible...

And as FAST as possible...

You can now get the book instantly as a digital download for just $4.95.

Why that price?

Well, that’s the exact price we charged for shipping and handling when sending physical copies of this book.

And I figure you'd prefer to get the book immediately without any shipping issues.

So as soon as you place your order, you'll get an email receipt with a download link to get the digital book instantly.

This way, we’re getting this important wealth building information into your hands IMMEDIATELY without having to wait...

Plus skipping the paper book means there’s one less tree to cut down at a time where wildfires have ravaged our forests.

And to double-down on rebuilding America’s forests...

Your Book Purchase Plants 1 Tree Today

For every purchase of What Would Billionaires Do? we are donating $1 to the National Forest Foundation (NFF).

Every $1 donation to the NFF plants 1 native tree in a National Forest in need of reforestation...

And gets us closer to the goal of planting 50,000,000 trees across America to rebuild forests devastated by wildfire, insects and disease.

With your book purchase today, they will plant at least one more tree...

And, for every $1 NFF puts towards rebuilding the forests...

The U.S. Forest Service will match it with $2 of value via project support and implementation.

Pretty good deal, right?

You get the book, you plant a tree and, oh, in case you're wondering...

Yes, Just $4.95 — THERE IS NO CATCH!

I realize this is very INEXPENSIVE ... so you might wonder what the "catch" is.

Here's the deal. My team spends thousands of dollars on marketing to get the message out about how entrepreneurs can create Economic Independence in 3-7 years by focusing on cash flow...

But it's much harder to "advertise" about the kind of wealth-building principles found in What Would Billionaires Do?

So rather than spend tens of thousands on traditional advertising, we decided to spend that money on getting this book into the hands of as many people as possible.

That way, you get to read through the book and see exactly how the system works and evaluate how you can implement it in your life.

And if that's all we do together, we'll be thrilled.

But I also know that some people may decide to reach out and ask us to help them fast-track the whole process — and of course that's a win for both of us.

Get the Audiobook for Just a Penny More!

Because we’re out of physical books, we want to give you an even better offer.

To help us with costs, we give a Quick Start Action Guide and Book Summary to anyone who pays just $4.99 more.

And then if you pay just one penny more, we’ll also give you the instant audiobook download of What Would Billionaires Do? (retail value $29.95).

And since it’s audio, you can listen in your car, while working out or anywhere else at your convenience.

The retail value of the audiobook is $29.95. The lowest we’ve ever discounted the audiobook is to $9.95.

But if you pay $9.95 today, you get the digital book, the Quick Start Action Guide AND the audiobook for one low, low price.

And We’ll Also Throw In a Free Bonus Book: Investor DNA

Ever wondered why some investors have incredible track records, when others fail or just have average results?

We can sum it up in 2 words: Investor DNA.

You have your own unique, personal Investor DNA inside you. And when you follow your Investor DNA, that’s when wealth is created and risk is avoided.

So while the average person basically invests like everyone else and it produces average results…

Millionaires and billionaires, even if they aren’t totally aware of it, are investing according to their Investor DNA and getting richer for it.

And when you purchase the “Best Value” option of What Would Billionaires Do? for $9.95…

You get as a FREE BONUS our book Investor DNA — Capitalizing On Your Unique Advantage in Investing.

Time Is Of The Essence

At our current numbers, it costs $20.63 in marketing costs to sell one book. So in most cases, we actually lose money.

Why would we do that?

It’s a marketing test to see if we can still make a small profit by offering this book and other services.

My hope is that you’ll love the book so much that you’ll consider doing business with us in the future.

Basically I’m betting that the message inside What Would Billionaires Do? is so compelling that I’ll actually make money in the long run — even if we lose money up front.

With all of that said — this is just a test and the offer could be pulled at any time, so I urge you to get your copy today.

This Offer Can’t Last Forever —

So Claim Your Copy Now Before It's Gone

Thanks for investing in yourself and your financial future. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Norm Westervelt

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you this digital book that outlines the entire multi-generational wealth plan so you can build lifelong wealth, empower future generations to build on your legacy, while still living the life you love right now.

The book gives you the complete system for "buying your net worth instead of building it" — while achieving Economic Independence and enjoying life...

So you can spend your money and have some fun right now without worrying that you'll have enough money for retirement.

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This deal may not last forever — it’s a marketing test and at such a low price, we actually lose money on almost every sale. Our hope is to gain your business in the future.

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