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Unfortunately the flash sale for Profit Streams is over. However, there’s still a chance to grow your wealth in 2021 for as little as $2.95.

Check out Garrett’s book, Budgeting Sucks, to discover how to automatically grow wealthier on your current income — without budgeting or cutting back. If you liked the idea of Profit Streams, you’ll love Chapter 2 on how to create financial capital out of nothing.


From Garrett Gunderson and Wealth Factory...

Budgeting Sucks! How Cutting Back During High Inflation is Costing You a Fortune

Plus How to Consistently Grow Your Wealth Without Cutting Back — in the Groundbreaking Book from New York Times Bestselling Author Garrett Gunderson

(Which He's Practically Giving Away Right Here On This Page)

Dear Friend,

You feel it every day.

High inflation is making your money worth less.

So what do most people instinctively do?

They think they have to cut back. Spend less.

In other words, they feel "tightening their budget" is the sensible solution.

Sounds reasonable, right?

It does until you realize this simple truth:

We All Know the Wealthiest People in the World Didn’t Get that Way Because they Budget

Budgeting and cutting back is a game of scarcity.

And during high inflation, playing that game is a surefire way to get poorer, not richer.

The wealthy are playing a game of abundance. They live within their means by EXPANDING their means — not cutting back.

Sometimes that means spending MORE money — not less.

Because you’re getting efficient with your money, so there’s more available to spend.

And because you’re spending money on “rainmaking” expenses that actually make you richer than before.

But you won’t hear that from the personal finance gurus who guilt you for every type of expense — rainmaking or not. They focus on sacrificing and cutting back, and it destroys your financial growth.

So we’ve decided it’s time for something new...

What If There Was a Way to Feel and Become Richer on Your Current Income, Not Poorer...

A way that makes you more efficient with your money, so there’s more to spend…

And that gives you permission to spend MORE, not less...

That expands your means rather than limits it…

That allows you the freedom to live better today without sacrificing your future...

To enjoy life along the way without guilt AND become better off financially tomorrow, too...

Wouldn’t this be the financial philosophy that you would want to know more about?

If so, that’s exactly why Garrett Gunderson wrote his groundbreaking book Budgeting Sucks.

And we’d like to get you a copy today for a price so low — we’re practically giving it away.

Introducing Budgeting Sucks, a Revolutionary New Way to Live Free and Retire Wealthy — Without Cutting Back

Budgeting Sucks

Garrett’s first book, Killing Sacred Cows, quickly became a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

It warned Americans about 9 financial myths that destroy your prosperity.

But you know what? While it did a great job identifying common financial problems, it left people craving more solutions.

Budgeting Sucks picks up where Killing Sacred Cows left off... by giving you the frameworks and solutions for building wealth.

It’s a step-by-step system to stop living in scarcity and start building wealth through abundance — because no one shrinks their way to wealth.

You’ll discover how to get efficient with your money so you have more to spend and put into play…

How to save more money without sacrificing, scrimping or becoming scrooge....

And how to start USING your money to invest in yourself, your business, and maximize your financial future — rather than restraining or constricting it.

It's a quick, easy read that you can finish in a couple evenings or a weekend.

But the results will last a lifetime — and even for generations when you pass these habits and philosophies on to the next generation as Garrett does.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover Inside...

Finally, YOU Are at the Center of Your Financial Plan

Do you ever wonder why the financial industry tells you to cut out lattes and dining out? Or to put off vacations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences until one-day, someday?

While at the same time telling you to lock money away in the stock market for 30 years?

Maybe it’s because they want you to spend less on yourself… so you can deposit more money where they’ll get a commission!

Budgeting Sucks shows you how to stop following the self-serving advice of the financial industry…

So that you can start investing in yourself...

To start a business or passion project, write a book, change careers, fulfill your life’s potential, grow your wealth and expand your means…

And know that you’re always growing wealthier because you’ve followed the system to...

Automatically Grow Your Savings Without Cutting Back

You’ll end up substantially richer when you automate your savings, stability, and security so you can focus on deliberately investing and living wealthy along the way.

One reason budgeting sucks is because it’s too time-consuming.

The book Budgeting Sucks turns this failed system on its head.

You will discover how to automate your savings with a Wealth Capture account that makes saving money simple, effortless, automatic and fun to watch as the size of your wealth snowballs.

Garrett started investing in himself with just $50 per month… and carried it forward into a multi-million dollar business.

Wondering where that money is going to come from?

Budgeting Sucks will also show you how to...

Find Extra Money Hidden in Your Cash Flow

You’ll discover how to keep way more of what you make without cutting back, like…

How to save on tax, pay less interest, avoid fees and commissions… even how to lower insurance costs while often increasing coverage.

You’ll discover how to pay off loans faster and more efficiently… leaving you with more money at the end of the month to pad your bank account, spend on your business, or take advantage of an opportunity.

Do you own a business? There is no better return than keeping more of what you make because you stopped overpaying on taxes, interest, insurance, fees and more.

You’ll also discover how to increase your credit score so you can lower your interest rates and renegotiate loans and credit cards for better terms.

All in all, you’ll discover countless ways to stop leaking money and boost your bottom line.

So you’ll end up feeling and being wealthier… even on your current income.

Expand Your Means, Don’t Shrink Your Means

Cutting back might save you in the very short run.

But finding extra money to invest in yourself and your skill sets expands your means today and tomorrow.

Budgeting Sucks will also show you how to retrain your brain to ask the right questions.

For example, instead of telling yourself “I can’t afford this,” you’ll create new mental patterns to ask yourself “How can I afford this?”

Not, “How much is this?” but “How much more productive will this make me?”

You’ll also discover how to shift your mindset from the scarcity-minded Consumer Condition to the Producer Paradigm — so you see opportunity where others only see problems.

And how to use the Velocity Advantage to turn stagnant assets into cash flow.

PLUS Profit From Your Unique, Unfair Money Advantage

Why do some people always seem to make money in the stock market, when others lose their shirt?

How is it that one person can turn a piece of real estate into a monthly cash cow, while another person loses money on a nearly identical property?

It’s because everyone has their own Unique Money Advantage… and when you discover it, you can prosper more than ever before.

Most people are given cookie-cutter financial plans to follow. But these one-size-fits-all plans have a major downside… they don’t match your unique strengths, knowledge, or experience.

Budgeting Sucks will show you how to evaluate your unique strengths, knowledge and experience…

...And in just one quick chapter, you will discover the Unique Money Advantage that gives you an extra “edge” that no one else can duplicate — because it’s unique to you.

This means more reward, less risk, and in less time...

So You Can Live Free and Retire Wealthy!

Budgeting Sucks can help you reach Economic Independence — where your assets create enough cash flow to cover your basic expenses — in the next 3 to 7 years.

Because instead of trying to save ten percent of your income every year until retirement — and instead of risking it in the markets in the name of earning “ten percent” — you can free up ten times more money to invest in yourself, or a business, or your quality of life.

And you’ll know that you have a solid foundation where your assets produce cash flow for you now and in the future.

That way you get to live free of guilt and worry, because you have a financial plan delivering results now — not just 30 years down the road.

And you get to enjoy life today AND tomorrow — because you’re building wealth without constricting your lifestyle or sacrificing your happiness.

This Book Is for You If:

Here’s What to Do Next

Since Budgeting Sucks has been in the works for 5+ years — and Garrett is very eager to get it out to as many people as possible — we’re doing something different.

You see, Garrett’s first bestselling book Killing Sacred Cows was published in hardcover and sold for $21.95.

For Garrett’s next 2 books, including What Would Billionaires Do?, we also sold hardcover versions for around $20-$25.

And while that’s a great deal… we want to make this a 100% no-brainer.

So we’ve found a way to make this work for much, much less.

We’re going to skip the expensive hardcover option.

And to save you even more money, we’re going to skip shipping out physical books altogether.

This is good news, because our last book sold so many copies that our supplier put us on backorder… twice!

So to make sure you get a copy of Budgeting Sucks… and to give you a steal of a deal… and to get you the book instantly in just moments from now…

We’re offering you a digital version of Budgeting Sucks for way less.

You get Budgeting Sucks for just $2.95 — INSTANTLY with no hassle — and you can read it from any computer, phone or tablet.

Plus skipping the paper book means there’s one less tree to cut down at a time where wildfires have ravaged our forests.

And to double-down on rebuilding America’s forests…

Your Book Purchase Plants 1 Tree Today

For every purchase of Budgeting Sucks we are donating $1 to the National Forest Foundation (NFF).

Every $1 donation to the NFF plants 1 native tree in a National Forest in need of reforestation…

And gets us closer to the goal of planting 50,000,000 trees across America to rebuild forests devastated by wildfire, insects and disease.

With your book purchase today, they will plant at least one more tree…

And, for every $1 NFF puts towards rebuilding the forests…

The U.S. Forest Service will match it with $2 of value via project support and implementation.

Pretty good deal, right?

You get the book, you plant a tree and, oh, in case you're wondering ...

Yes, Just $2.95! There is No catch!

At $2.95, we’re not making much money, but we are getting back some of the investment on Garrett’s 5 years of work, our expenses getting the book edited, type-set and designed, and marketing expenses.

Even at this price, we’re not really breaking even. So we want to sweeten the deal...

Upgrade to just $5.89 and you’ll also get the Budgeting Sucks Quick Start "Live Free, Retire Wealthy" Guide...

This acts like “cliff notes” if you don’t have time to read the whole book… or as notes to review the book in the future after you read it.

Then… to make the deal even sweeter you...

Get the Audiobook for Just a Penny More!

Budgeting Sucks Audiobook

For just one penny more we’ll also give you the instant audiobook download of Budgeting Sucks (retail value $29.95).

Garrett recorded the audiobook with extra insights, quips and comments about the book — which you won’t find anywhere else.

And since it’s audio, you can listen in your car, while working out, cooking dinner, or anywhere else at your convenience.

The retail value of the audiobook is $29.95.

But if you pay $5.90 today, you get the digital book, the Quick Start “Live Free, Retire Wealthy” Guide AND the audiobook for one low, low price.

Last Minute Bonus: 60-Minute Budgeting Sucks Talk with the Author When You Purchase Today

To celebrate the launch of Garrett’s book after more than 5 years of work, we’ve decided to give everyone who purchases today — even for just $2.95 — access to a 60-minute talk Garrett gave on Budgeting Sucks as a free bonus.

During this private talk, available nowhere else, Garrett shares inside information on Budgeting Sucks, behind-the-scenes stories, which chapters will immediately improve your specific financial situation...

PLUS actionable strategies for expanding your means instead of shrinking your means.

This is an exclusive bonus ONLY for those who buy the book this week. That means...

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Build the Life You Love,

The Builders at Wealth Factory