This Cash Flow Guide Grows Businesses—Get 3 Strategies To Put Money In Your Pocket Now

If you've ever found yourself at the end of a GOOD revenue month, still scratching your head...

Wondering where all the money went, and why you're still STRUGGLING to pay the bills (much less have anything left over to invest or enjoy)...

If you've ever agonized over which loans or credit cards to pay down first and which ones you can pay the minimum on...

Or if you sense in your GUT you're paying way too much in taxes, but don't even know where to start (and dread taking time off to meet with your accountant about it)...

Then take a look at these 3 Cash Flow Optimization strategies. (It's literally the most important thing you can do today for your finances.)

Garrett Gunderson

Hi, my name is Garrett Gunderson and I'm a cash flow specialist.

I wrote the NY Times bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows. I was featured in the Wall Street Journal and have appeared on CNBC, ABC, Fox Business and more.

And I write regular online columns for Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines to spread this very important message:

Cash flow optimization is the key to building wealth

Because wealth isn’t about what you earn, it’s about what you keep, after:

  • The government reaches into your pocket and takes a cut.
  • The banks squeeze you like a sponge for every last drop of interest.
  • And large corporations hike their rates and fees on you every chance they get.

That's why I put together this free Cash Flow Optimization guide for you.

You see, we publish 3 cash flow optimization strategies in every issue of our premium newsletter, BUILD:

So we took 3 of our most popular cash flow strategies and put them into one guide — the ultimate beginner’s guide to cash flow optimization.

And you can have it, free. Just tell us your name and email and we will immediately send you the Cash Flow Optimization guide.

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Why Cash Flow Optimization?

Because our studies show 9 out of 10 business owners need it.

For example, we found 93% of small business owners surveyed needlessly overpay an average of $11,283 per year in excess taxes.(1) Even worse? Our 17-year customer study found the average small business owner unknowingly lets $2,484 slip away EVERY MONTH in duplicate insurance coverages, poorly structured loans, hidden fees and a host of other easily avoidable cash flow leaks and bottlenecks.(2)

So click the button below, and we'll rush you 3 of my quickest strategies for stopping the cash flow leaks and putting money back into your business.

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Build the Life You Love,
Garrett B. Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson
Regularly contributes articles and insights on:

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson is the New York Times best selling author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity. His many media appearances include: ABC News Now, Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox, CNBC's Squawk on the Street, First Business as well as hundreds of radio interviews and newspaper articles. Garrett is an expert at finding simple ways for business owners to grow cash flow, build wealth and reach economic independence — without sacrificing or cutting back.


Meet Entrepreneurs Who Are Optimizing Cash Flow

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Robert Kiyosaki
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Chris Zaino
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"Garrett Gunderson is the man. He is a value creator, and will change the way you think."


Jonathan Sprinkles
Author, You've Got This!

"I've been beaten up by accountants and lawyers. I thought the whole world... I was the target, and everyone in the world was taking a shot at me.

I'm the most skeptical person in the world. This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me."


Dr. Hal J Board
Dentist, Family Dentistry


These strategies and guidance have worked for a number of businesses, however since all businesses are different, individual results can vary significantly based on a variety of factors.


1 "93% of small business owners needlessly overpay an average of $11,283 per year in excess taxes" - based on an internal study done by Freedom FastTrack and Garrett Gunderson analyzing data from years 2006-2013 where 109 of 117 business owners were overpaying their taxes by an average of $11,283. The average annual revenue of these small businesses was $500,000. Make adjustments to your own situation for comparison.

2 "the average small business owner unknowingly lets $2,484 slip away every month" - This is an average based on a calculation from our internal study.