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Dear Friend,

As you may know, Wealth Factory helps people build custom Wealth Architectures so they can live wealthy today and in the future.

We use a proven financial system — tested and proven over 2 decades — that eliminates wasted cash flow, boosts income, grows your wealth... and even shrinks your tax bill.

But did you know that most people are just 1, 2, or 3 SMALL steps away from a major financial breakthrough — sometimes a life-changing breakthrough?

For example, we’ve worked 1-on-1 with hundreds of clients to plug cash flow leaks, strengthen their finances and reach economic independence in as little as 2-7 years...

Yet sometimes just the smallest tweaks can have the biggest impact — and in as little as 30 days…

Just look at these Wealth Factory members who requested their custom financial blueprint when we first offered them in late 2018.

Not everyone gets these results, of course.

But cash windfalls like these make a huge impact and can change lives.

And in each case, it started with a financial blueprint built custom for each of their unique needs.

You see, we can give you all the information you need to strengthen your finances and grow your wealth. But then you still have to connect the dots yourself.

Sometimes it’s EASIER and FASTER to have an expert look at your unique situation and connect the dots for you.

Let the expert find where your 3 biggest cash flow leaks are… or 3 biggest risks… or 3 biggest opportunities for cash flow windfalls…

(Or any combination of the above…)

And then hand you a custom financial blueprint with a step-by-step action plan to strengthen your finances and grow your wealth.

Well, good news.

For a limited time, that’s exactly what my team and I want to build for YOU...

A custom financial blueprint based on your unique financial situation to find the 1, 2 or 3 small tweaks that result in major breakthroughs for your finances in as little as 30 days...

Whether it’s quick fixes for your biggest risks, pain points or cash flow leaks...

Or possibly even a cash flow windfall to change your fortunes for life.

Who Am I? And Will This Work for Your Unique Situation?

Hi, my name is Garrett Gunderson. I grew up in a small coal mining town in Utah that my Italian great-grandfather immigrated to in 1913. And I’m also the first man in my family NOT to work in that town’s coal mine. Instead...

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, a New York Times best-selling author and regular online contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines.

I’m also the founder and Chief Wealth Architect here at Wealth Factory.

You may have found us through my best-selling book Killing Sacred Cows, What Would the Rockefellers Do? or one of our free guides.

Or maybe you’ve even heard me speak on stage or as a guest on a podcast.

Either way, you’ve likely heard my mission is to help 1 million people reach Economic Independence — where your hands-off income covers your monthly expenses — regardless of your current financial situation.

To do this, I’ve assembled a complete wealth team including cash flow specialists, wealth-minded CPAs, financial planners, estate planning attorneys, tax attorneys, 3-4 different insurance experts to properly protect you, your family, your business and health... and more.

I got this idea by shadowing financial advisors to the wealthiest families. The Rockefellers call their wealth team their “Family Office.”

Together my wealth team and I have perfected...

A Proven Financial System Tried and Tested Over 2 Decades

It’s a financial system that’s been refined over 2 decades, 2 market booms and 2 busts… emerging from it all unscathed and stronger than ever.

It’s a custom financial system that lets you…

If this sounds like the kind of financial system you want — awesome! We’re likely a great match…

Let’s Meet 1-on-1 to Identify Your “Big 3” Opportunities

Every person’s situation is different. There's no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" financial system.

So to create your custom financial blueprint, my team has set time aside to get on the phone with you 1-on-1 to learn more about you and your unique financial situation.

All it takes is a small $100 deposit to get started, refundable for any reason imaginable.

Then we have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out.

It takes just minutes to finish and will speed everything up — as my team will look over your answers and even start working on blueprint ideas before your first call.

Next, you get to choose a spot on our calendar for a 1-on-1 call with a team member.

Here’s What Happens on Call #1

Call #1 is the secret sauce that allows us to deliver a CUSTOM financial plan — that works for YOU and your unique challenges and opportunities — rather than a generic plan like most financial advisors try to pawn off.

On this call, we’ll ask what your objectives are and what obstacles you’re facing now.

So tell us where things are going well and where you may be stuck. Tell us about the opportunities you’re considering and the wins you’ve already cashed. Tell us about your challenges and the 800 lb gorilla on your back.

We want to fully understand your current financial situation (otherwise there’s no way we could create you a custom blueprint).

Then we’ll search for opportunities together.

Are you overpaying taxes? If so, where?

Are you paying too much interest on loans? Do you have the right loan structures?

Is your credit score optimized to give you preferred rates?

Where else are you needlessly leaking money?

Then we’ll dial down what it is exactly that you want to accomplish.

If you own a business, do you want to keep it or sell? Do you want to invest?

What top-line revenue do you want to reach? Want to take more time off?

What does retirement mean to you — More wealth? A legacy? All of the above? And how soon do you want to make it a reality?

This will paint a picture of where you are and where you want to go — which is the objective of call #1.

All-in-all, this will just take a quick 15 minutes of your time — yet will advance your finances years into the future because you’re leveraging our expertise to identify quick fixes and immediate opportunities.

Then, we’ll take it from here and get to work. You don’t need to do anything until we deliver the blueprint on our next call.

Here’s What Happens on Call #2

For the Financial Blueprint call, you’ll talk to a Financial Architect, personally trained by me who knows the system inside and out.

They will have studied your specific situation, looking at your unique challenges, objectives and opportunities, and uncovered your “Big 3.”

These are the 3 small tweaks that will have the biggest positive impact on your finances… whether it’s eliminating cash flow leaks, fixing unreasonable risks and blindspots, or setting yourself up for a cash flow windfall.

On the call they’ll present you with an actual blueprint for our entire proven financial system.

And then show you where your “Big 3” are in the system... and walk you through your personal action plan for strengthening your finances and building wealth...

Using actual strategies we use with our members paying $7,200, $12,500… even $34,500 for our 1-on-1 guidance.

This call lasts about 30 minutes — so in roughly one hour, you’ll have accomplished more with your finances than most people do in a year or more.

How Can This Be So Cheap?

Why would I give you a custom financial blueprint for a fraction of its real value — especially a financial blueprint that’s part of a system I’ve spent 2 decades perfecting?

Easy. My team helps to implement these custom financial blueprints. And I know that after people see their blueprint, many will hire us to implement the system with them.

The idea is — we can tell you how good we are or we can just show you.

And I think just showing you is best...

Because from there, you’ve won.

You can take the custom blueprint with all of the specific strategies we’ve designed for you — and if you love them and see how they will strengthen your finances and put money back into your pocket, go ahead and start implementing the blueprint yourself. We wish you the best of luck.

Or you can hire us. And I know enough people will be so impressed with our plan, they’ll want my team to implement it with them.

So while it’s always a win for you — it will be a win for us many times, too, and that’s good enough for us.

There is no pressure either way.

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Yet if you ARE impressed with the custom blueprint and the system we’ve spent two decades perfecting, and if we’re a good match, then…

Just Say the Words and Your Journey Begins Now

With our wealth team on your side, including a cash flow specialist, a wealth-minded CPA, a financial planner, an estate planning attorney, a tax attorney, insurance experts to properly protect you, your family, your business and health — and more...

You’ll be on the road to plugging money leaks, growing your cash flow, and directing it into a streamlined financial system for growing richer month after month.

Finally you’ll experience the peace of mind that your finances aren’t just set, they’re spring-loaded and ready to handle any situation at a moment’s notice:

A business opportunity, an illness, a time-sensitive investment, unforeseen accident, cash crunch, lawsuit, charitable contributions and anything else.

Plus — a wealth team ensures you’re creating a living financial legacy that gives opportunity and a hand-up to your loved ones for generations.

It’s part of a complete financial system designed to support you as a unique person with unique knowledge, strengths and circumstances — rather than a generic plan that just siphons off your wealth to grow the stock market.

And a brilliant part of this system is that there’s no scarcity-minded budgeting, no cutting back, and no skipping lattes if you don’t want to.

Because this is about living wealthy today AND in the future.

It’s about saying “yes” to the fancy car…

Or to the amazing month-long trip to a villa in Tuscany...

Or to the huge, luxury dream-home with a pool in back…

IF you have the cash flow to make it happen and it’s what YOU value.

Because when the system is set up and performing correctly, you can be sure that your bills are paid, your investments are fueled, that your family’s financial future is safe and secure...

And the rest is “living-wealthy” money to enjoy as you please… absolutely guilt-free.

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Want Proof?

We’ve helped hundreds of people implement their custom financial blueprints using our proven financial system.

Like Jordan Cooper who recovered more than $15,000/month after working with our Cash Flow Specialists.

Or Mike Gandolfi who received a $102,000 tax refund after an Accredited Network member reviewed his tax returns.

Or Chris Zaino who says he would have saved $500,000 if he had met us 6 months earlier.

Or even just from thought leaders who we’ve impacted in a major way. Take a look:

Wealth Factory founder, Garrett Gunderson, speaking with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Financial Education of the Rich”

"If you want to stay poor or middle class, listen to Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. If you want to improve yourself and get financial education of the rich, listen to Wealth Factory's Garrett Gunderson."

— Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

“In the First 8 Months We Saw 130% Growth”

“Wealth Factory has been the greatest investment we have ever made in ourselves. They helped us discovered our soul purpose, gain security and peace of mind, and renewed our passion for success. Within in the first 8 months we saw 130% growth in our business and for every dollar we have invested into Wealth Factory we have had a 900% return.”

— CJ & Michelle Varney

“Will Transform the Way You View Money”

"Why are so few in America wealthy? Because they're taking advice from the wrong sources, which prevents them from thinking in the right ways. Garrett Gunderson is the right source of financial information and will transform the way you view money."

— T. Harv Eker, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"We're Getting Results and Things are Happening Quickly"

“I'm 110% satisfied. Everything has been beyond expectation. We're getting results and things are happening quickly. I couldn't be happier! I beg you to get involved... they will change your life.”

— Dr. Dan Yachter

"A Phenomenal Experience… Covered All the Bases"

“We have had a phenomenal experience with the Wealth Factory team. They have been right on top of everything since day one – helping us to reorganize our very crazy financial life. They have covered all of the bases -- from estate planning to tax planning, accounting, investing, banking, insurance coverage, helping us to make sound business decisions, and connecting us with other really exceptional professionals who are helping us in even more areas.”

— Jim Arnold

“In Our Dream Home Because of Wealth Factory”

"We are in our dream home because of the advice we were given from Wealth Factory! Thank you Garrett and team for everything!"

— Kirin Christianson

“Amazing, Top-Notch, Grade A People…”

As a business owner I know how difficult it can be to find good people. I want you to know that you have some amazing, top-notch, grade A people in the Wealth Factory organization. Everyone I've dealt with has been stellar! Thank you for the program and thank you for putting together such an amazing team.

— Brandon Lochridge

“Found the Path to Achieve My Dreams”

“Finally! I feel like I have found the path to achieve my dreams for myself and my family. For years I have felt like I was aimlessly searching, and asking ‘professionals’ questions and checking my ego, and trying to build the right team — and all of the things you read about to be successful.

“But I just couldn't get the answers I needed. Now, I feel like I see the path.”

— Ben Frank

"The Peace of Mind Has Been Worth the Tuition Already"

“Before I even spent a dime with their company they had found ways for me to save literally six figures that I wasn't capturing! The weight off my shoulders and the peace of mind has been worth the tuition already. Finally I've got a path in front of me that will allow me to focus on what I do best.”

— Dr. Jerry Duggar

“Going to Save $14,000 in Taxes”

“Working with Wealth Factory has definitely been an asset for us. Just by talking to one of your tax strategists we found that we are going to save $14,000 to $15,000 in taxes.”

— Nader and Rima Bazzi

“An Eye Opener and a Life Saver for Me”

“I called Wealth Factory when I was just so overwhelmed. I'd been a franchisee for 10 years and I was swimming upstream, trying to just pay the rent and make sure my employees got paid.

“I didn't know where I was going to get the money to pay off my debts. They helped me look at the debts and pay them off systematically. I was able to increase my credit score within a short amount of time. I now have an excellent credit score.

“I was able to go into the bank and get a loan for $100,000. I was able to add on to my franchise and do some remodeling in our store and I was able to find the money to do that. It's really been an eye opener and a life saver for me — and I'm just so grateful that I found the program.”

— Toya Ferrar

You Have to Love Your Blueprint, or It’s Free…

If you’re anything but absolutely thrilled with your custom financial blueprint, just let us know within 30 days. We’ll cover the cost of paying our team for their time and effort creating the blueprint... and we’ll still return your $100 investment in full.

You see, creating custom financial blueprints for $100 is crazy when you consider our high-level services — based on this blueprint — start in the $7,200 to $12,500 range.

For us, it’s not about the $100. It’s about finding out if you’re the next person we can help reach economic independence. And that’s why we’re willing to make this one-of-a-kind offer.

Here's the "Catch" You've Been Looking For

We only take on 125 new members per year — and the demand for services that literally puts money back into your pocket is high.

So the sooner you request your blueprint, the better… even if that’s all we end up doing together.

One last thing. We work with business owners AND non-business owners. So whether you're a business owner grossing $250,000 or more per year — or an employee looking for the best way to grow your wealth — we have a solution for you.

Ready to get started?

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Build the Life You Love,

Garrett Gunderson

Signature, Garrett B. Gunderson