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Cary Jack

Lifestyle entrepreneur, author and podcaster Cary Jack

Here at Wealth Factory, we help entrepreneurs and small business owners build more wealth by focusing on cash flow and value creation. Then we help them keep and protect that wealth with proven frameworks and grow it with Investor DNA.

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What Would Billionaires Do?

We wrote this book to help you understand one of the most effective wealth-building secrets almost no financial planner will ever tell you about.

Financial Strength Checklist

Use this simple checklist to see where you're strong and where you might need some help when it comes to your financial Foundation, Security, and Growth.

Cash Flow Investors Toolkit

Use the insights We've developed over 25 years of investing so you don't spread yourself too thin — but instead identify and focus on the one or two game-changing investments that match your investor DNA, and that can potentially alter the course of your life.

Soul Purpose Activator Kit

Figuring out your Soul Purpose is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself, because — as you'll see in this workbook — we never find true happiness without it.

32 Ideas for Hiring Your Kids

Use these starter ideas for jobs your child(ren) can perform in your business to give your family tax-free income AND a tax-saving write-off.

How to Give the Gift of Wisdom and Success to Your Kids

The most important thing you can leave your kids is not money or property, it's a legacy filled with traditions, values, love, wisdom, and experiences… plus the knowledge and ability to manage any wealth that is passed on to them. This guide gets you started on how to do all that.

Wealth Factory helps people from all walks of life strengthen their financial position through financial education, coaching, and a team approach to building wealth.

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Robert Kiyosaki

Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

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