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  • A massive bundle of tools to turbocharge your cash flow
  • Find lost money that's rightfully yours
  • Strengthen your finances to handle any coming financial challenge or windfall while leveraging your unique Investor DNA

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What We've Made for You

Bsiness Owners: Use this Cash Flow Strength Mega-Kit to supercharge your business cash flow and strengthen your finances. The precision tools in this kit (see below) help you recover lost cash, build a personal wealth team, protect your money from cyber criminals — and know if an investment is right for you.

You also get 2 acclaimed wealth-building books for business owners, including the new What Would Billionaires Do? Click the button below to get your Mega-Kit now...

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Cash Recovery Tools

Find lost money, get money back on purchases you make, find mistakes on medical bills, reduce your wireless and cable TV bills...

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Financial Strength Checklist

See where your personal finances are strong plus where you're most at risk. Also discover which professionals to add to your wealth team to build a solid foundation so you can swing for the fences.
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Cash Flow Investor's Toolkit

Determine if an investment is right for you (and your Investor DNA), learn how to avoid the most common investing traps and pitfalls, and investigate new cash flow generating ideas with this toolkit.
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Killing Sacred Cows

Garrett's NY Times Bestselling book on how to overcome the financial myths that are destroying your prosperity

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What Would Billionaires Do

A look into the wealth architecture used by high net worth families to build lasting generational wealth, and how to use that structure for your family.
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A checklist of the top things you can do to keep the bad guys away from your money. Because there's no need to wipe out your wealth because of a simple security error.
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Meet Entrepreneurs Who Are Optimizing Cash Flow

"Financial planning can be really painful and serious and ... It's been really effortless and fun. I know how challenging it can be to be a dentist and do the clinical and business side separately. I refer people to Wealth Factory because I know they're going to get what's customized for them. The team cares, and they're always there to take care of something. They have our back."


Dr. Stephanie Mohan
Dentist, Plaza Dental Group

"I have been working with Wealth Factory for only the past 6 weeks and my results have been spectacular. Although I have attended other financial seminars and read other financial books and systems this has been the most revolutionary for my life in such a short time for many reasons. On the first meeting with Wealth Factory, they made several good suggestions, one of which quickly saved me $3,400 in monthly cash flow!


Dr. Charlie W.
Veterinarian, Bethesda, MD

"I love everything about what this company is doing. This is the real American Dream. Helping people live the life they love. Finding true financial knowledge for people to help them achieve their goals. I would recommend signing up for Wealth Factory to anyone."


Dr. Trevor Tsuchikawa
Dentist, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

"I've been beaten up by accountants and lawyers. I thought the whole world... I was the target, and everyone in the world was taking a shot at me.

I'm the most skeptical person in the world. This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me."


Dr. Hal J Board
Dentist, Family Dentistry

"They have covered all of the bases — from estate planning to tax planning, accounting, investing, banking, insurance coverage, helping us to make sound business decisions, and connecting us with other really exceptional professionals who are helping us in even more areas."


Dr. Jim Arnold
Dentist, Smiles by Arnold

"If you want to stay poor or middle class, listen to Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. If you want improve yourself and get financial education of the rich, listen to Wealth Factory's Garrett Gunderson."

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Bestselling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

"We have this team that we truly trust, that's all connected. I can send one email to Garrett's team at Wealth Factory. They all have your best interest in mind. When you pay for the best, you're gonna get the best. When you try to skimp and go cheap, you're going to pay double."

Chris Zaino

Dr. Chris & Whitney Zaino
Founder, Abundant Life Chiro

"So many financial planners focus on scrimping and saving until you're 65 (or older). What makes Wealth Factory different is they show you how to enjoy your life, live well now, and be well prepared for the future."


Marilee Sears
Founder, Marilee Sears Coaching

"Garrett Gunderson is the man. He is a value creator, and will change the way you think."


Jonathan Sprinkles
Author, You've Got This!

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This guide will not be free forever, so tell us where to email it before we list it for sale.