The Soul Purpose Activator™ Guide

Create the right conditions for growth in your life so you can increase your productivity and happiness.

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Soul Purpose is your unique combination values, abilities, and passions utilized in alignment with your overall vision. Your Soul Purpose is either aligned with your career, investing, and activities or it is not. When aligned, you expand and increase your production and growth. When out of alignment, there is risk, lost energy, and scarcity thinking. You are left with scrimping, budgeting, and trying to accumulate in order to have money to retire.

We're gifting you the solution. It's called the Soul Purpose Activator Guide, and it's like giving you the keys to unlock your personal wealth. The guide begins with a compass and optimizer so you know the activities to engage in to uncover your Soul Purpose. It gives you the necessary tools to live and express your Soul Purpose. There is no single better way to create wealth AND at the same time build a better life – a life that you love. This guide unlocks everything required to activate your Soul Purpose. You learn how to build a daily habit and ritual where you can invest in yourself. You discover how to create value and cultivate a gratitude mindset. You discover the power of having mentors and building out a vision. You find out exactly where you have energy drains and leaks and the keys to eliminating any form of debilitating mindsets. You learn the value of practicing stillness or meditation so you can have some quiet time and recognize who you really are and what you are truly capable of. You discover ways to get feedback from those who know you best to help you identify the best abilities you have. Finally, you see how all this could apply in the marketplace to increase profits.

Now that you can detect and see past the myths, you are ready to utilize this guide. Within its pages, you will access a tool called the analyzer. You can score yourself from 0 to 4 on 24 different questions. This unveils the conditions required for success. It gives you the roadmap to live the life you love and fully express your Soul Purpose. Within these questions are the habits of success, wealth, and expansion.

After the analyzer comes the Soul Purpose Wheel. This is a brainstorming exercise to find your best abilities. Most people discount what they are best at. They dismiss their abilities by thinking they aren't that special, or that anyone could do it, or by discounting their value. Just because you can do it doesn't mean others can. As you answer these questions about yourself, you will find recurring themes – activities you love and excel at. These become the spokes in your Soul Purpose Wheel. These activities are the best ways of expressing and living your Soul Purpose. There is power in focus. This is about your strengths. The best you have to offer. What will create the most value in the world and therefore create the most wealth. This is a key ingredient to expanding wealth and something missing from 99 percent of financial advice.

Finally, the last part of the guide is the Soul Purpose Stairway. It's five simple questions that raise you above the noise, myths, and limitation and instead hit the target. That center point of Sole Purpose. To elevate what you see as a possibility and increase your wealth and value creation.

Finding your Soul Purpose is very personal. You can't just read something and have an epiphany. So we created the proper structure, activities and step-by-step approach for you. This solution is all in a comprehensive guide you can get right now so you can get to living that next level experience of prosperity. The life you deserve. The life that you love.

Robert Kiyosaki

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