The Ultimate 2019 Tax Savings Guide:

5 Big Moves to keep more money and use the new tax code to your advantage

We’ve found that 93% of small business owners overpay an average of $11,283 per year in excess taxes. This guide is pulled straight out of the process we use to help our high-end clients recover this cash so they can use it to build their own wealth instead of overpaying the IRS.


This guide is normally only available to purchase in our "Tax Cut Package." It’s available free for a limited time, so tell us where to send your copy now.

Here at Wealth Factory, we help our top clients find and implement quick tax-saving strategies while they’re building a solid, comprehensive, and permanent tax-reduction strategy.

In this complimentary guide, we’re going to show you 5 “big moves” you can make today to significantly decrease your tax burden this year... all while playing by the rules 100%, and without increasing your chances of an audit.

You’ll discover:

The tax system is designed to help you save on tax. Those who don't use the laws to their advantage pay the most. Here at Wealth Factory, we're all for paying our fair share of taxes. We just don't think it's necessary to leave a tip.

If you agree and want to use the tax system to your advantage, this guide will give you 5 big moves you can make to significantly decrease your tax burden — starting right now — all while playing by the rules 100%.

Build the life you love,
The Builders at Wealth Factory


Wealth Factory helped us get a retroactive tax refund of $37,000 and will help us save $23,500 on our tax bill every year going forward. It's been the greatest investment we have ever made in ourselves. They helped us discover our soul purpose, gain security and peace of mind, and renewed our passion for success. Within the first 8 months we saw 130% growth in our business and for every dollar we have invested into Wealth Factory we have had a 900% return.

- CJ and Michelle Varney


Using Wealth Factory's techniques, the IRS sent me a tax refund check for $102,000. And I now save an additional $20,000 in taxes every single year.

Dr. Michael Gandolfi Owner of chiroAcademy


With Garrett’s team, and my accountant, I saved $200,000 in taxes.

Dr. Jason West Business Owner


There are tax credits that I didn’t know about, that my standard CPA never brought up. Garrett brought one to my attention, I brought it up to my firm, and literally, I might be going back 3 years and getting a VERY large refund check, which I'm pretty excited about.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Robert Kiyosaki

"If you want to stay poor or middle class, listen to Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. If you want improve yourself and get financial education of the rich, listen to Wealth Factory's Garrett Gunderson."

Robert Kiyosaki Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad


This is such a huge topic for our world where we are good at making money and not necessarily great at keeping it. Garrett and Wealth Factory are absolutely fantastic.

JJ Virgin, Four-Time NY Times Bestselling Author

Wealth Factory's mission is to help 1 Million Entrepreneurs and Business Owners reach Economic Independence. We’re committed to helping entrepreneurs keep more of their money by increasing monthly cash flow without having to cut back, budget, take on more risk or increase sales. No matter what happens in the market.

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