The Entrepreneur's Guide to Investing

The 7 Keys to Successful Investing & How to Avoid Costly Mistakes.

What We've Created for You

Use this guide to identify investments that perfectly match your entrepreneurial instinct. Inside, you’ll discover the 7 critical keys successful business owners use every day to amass wealth, security and happiness. These 7 keys not only unlock the “hidden secret" to creating lasting wealth, they also help you avoid the financial traps and investing pitfalls that quietly sap money and joy out of life (see the entire table of contents below).


  • Key #1 How to Make Sure the Investment is Right For You
  • A. Compound Interest Is NOT the "Miracle" Some Say It Is
  • B. Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?
  • C. Protect Your Investments
  • D. How to Be Productive with Interest
  • Key #2 How to Avoid Being Misled
  • A. Scrutinize the Source
  • B. What You Should Know About "Get Rich Quick" Schemes
  • Key #3 How to Tell if You Are Investing vs Gambling
  • A. Don't Fool Yourself
  • B. Invest In People, Not Product
  • C. Manage the Variables
  • D. The Variable in Risk: YOU
  • Key #4 How to Minimize Risks
  • A. Be Proactive with Your Credit Score
  • B. Know the "What's" & "Why's"
  • C. The Crucial X Factor
  • D. Don't live in fear
  • E. What is the "Big Picture" Plan?
  • Key #5 Don't Get Trapped By Your 401(k)/Qualified Plan
  • A. Why Do Financial Institutions Push 401(k)s?
  • B. The Essential Questions
  • Key #6 Consider How an Investment Will Affect You Personally
  • A. It's More Than Just Numbers, It's Your Life
  • B. Don't Be Swayed by Slick Salespeople
  • Key #7 How to Invest in Your Most Valuable Asset: You
  • A. The Secret to Investing That Most People Miss
  • B. Invest in Your Own Life, First