Dear business owner,

The quickest, easiest way to increase your income is to keep more of the money you make.

It’s not finding new customers. Creating new products or services. Or even cutting costs.

In fact, sometimes it’s just about checking the right box or sending in the right form.

Take, for example, the case of potentially switching your tax form to one that always owes less tax...

It’s true — there’s a popular business structure that, with a fairly simple modification, you can change the tax form that you file and instantly lower your tax liability.

It sounds so simple…

Yet there are important reasons why these cash flow recovery strategies are overlooked…

And why your normal accountant or CPA won’t spot them, even if they’re doing everything else right.

And these cash flow leaks add up…

That’s how we’re able to help our coaching clients recover an average of $3,279 per month — or $39,348 per year.

Individual Results, Results Not Typical. See Our Testimonial Support Disclosure For Helpful Information.

We just walk them through strategies like...

Each of these tips increases your income and wealth...

Without any more work, any more employees to manage or any customers to deal with.

So Why Are These Cash Flow Strategies Often Overlooked?

The secret is a coordinated Wealth Team made up of elite financial professionals in every category...

So that each and every part of your finances is covered.

Giving you a complete wealth plan guided by one powerful, unified financial philosophy designed specifically for business owners entrepreneurs.

Because it can be an absolute nightmare when your financial professionals aren’t on the same page.

For example, one business owner we worked with hired an accountant on one side of town, and a business attorney on the other side...

And these two financial professionals didn’t know each other, didn’t communicate and didn’t operate from the same financial playbook...

So they gave conflicting strategies that caused years of chaos and more than $20,000 dollars in wasted cash flow.

A Wealth Team of Elite Financial Professionals

If you’ve ever heard of a Family Office, then you know it’s a boardroom full of financial professionals each with their own expertise — and all working on one comprehensive financial strategy for one extremely wealthy client.

It’s CPAs working with Financial Advisors…

Working with Business Attorneys…

Working with Asset Protection Attorneys...

Working with Cash Flow Specialists…

Working with insurance professionals…

And on and on and on.

And working together, a team of financial professionals can uncover wealth-building strategies that any one of them may never have found on their own.

In the past, you had to be worth tens of millions to work with a family office.

But this didn’t sit well with us. Especially since business owners have unique needs when it comes to finances, and a coordinated financial plan is a must.

So we started building our own “Family Office” of sorts for small business owners, called The Accredited Network.

And combined, over the last decade...

The Accredited Network has literally helped our clients recover millions of dollars...

For example...

Dr. Jordan Cooper Recovers $15,335 Per Month

Using one strategy that works if you owe money on anything, our client Dr. Jordan Cooper is able to recover an additional $15,335 per month in cash flow.

(Individual Results, Results Not Typical. See Our Testimonial Support Disclosure For Helpful Information.)

And the amazing thing is...

When Dr. Cooper came to us, he was worried about making payroll.

Yet just 9 months later he was sitting on $100,000 in cash and getting ready to invest in a new business project.

Dr. Jordan Cooper

“I was actually able to recapture $15,000 to $20,000 a month in cash flow just through that simple exercise that we did” ~ Jordan Cooper

We’ve Perfected Hundreds of Strategies for Our Premium Coaching Clients — Helping Them Recover an Average $39,348/Year in Lost Cash Flow...

These strategies work for most all businesses, regardless of revenue.

In fact, with a survey sent to our elite level members...

We found that small business owners unknowingly lets an average $3,279 slip away EVERY MONTH because of paying too much tax, poorly structured loans, hidden fees and a host of other easily avoidable cash flow leaks.

That’s $39,348 per year that we help put back in your pocket on average.

Individual Results, Results Not Typical. See Our Testimonial Support Disclosure For Helpful Information.

Does your business gross more than $1 million per year?

Then we have additional advanced strategies specifically for you.

For example, there’s a strategy for high-earners that lets you:

  1. Create a “war chest” of cash to help fight off unforeseen emergencies, and at the same time...
  2. Turn a portion of his ordinary income into a capital gain — cutting his tax rate nearly in half.

The strategies that our wealth team has accumulated are obviously extremely valuable.

But until recently, they’ve only been available to our highest-paying clients.

And we want to change that...

So… What If We Just Handed You Our Cash Flow Strategies for Pennies on the Dollar?

To become a coaching client with Wealth Factory, you have to apply, meet certain criteria and then pay a fairly hefty sum to join our programs and work 1-on-1 with our wealth team.

Based on the results you see above, it’s an easy choice for the right person at the right time.

But for other businesses that may need to grow before they’re ready to work with us at that level…

Or for businesses who may be ready, but want to check us out first…

Or for business owners who just want our strategies to save up to $3,279 per month...

We’ve created a comprehensive program to help you out called BUILD.

Build Your Cash Flow, Build Your Business and Start Building Your Financial Legacy With...


BUILD is our exclusive program that gives you LIFETIME access to the strategies we use with our 1-on-1 coaching clients…

For pennies on the dollar.

It’s a program designed to give you the tools, strategies and resources you need to lower your tax bill and start adding cash flow back into your life.

And it’s about more than just cash flow.

You’ll also discover how to…

Scale your business revenue...

Strategically engineer wealth…

Accelerate investment income...

And even leave a lasting financial legacy for your kids (and their kids).

It’s a comprehensive system for reaching Economic Independence.

That’s the inflexion point where the hands-off income you earn from your business and investments — without personally lifting a finger — more than covers your monthly expenses.

And with BUILD — you’re essentially getting our playbook for reaching Economic Independence in 2-7 years.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going to Get

We carefully designed BUILD to do several things for the busy business owner, including:

Take a look at everything you get today with BUILD...

Cash Flow Recovery Secrets

BUILD Tool #1 — Cash Flow Recovery Secrets

To start off with a bang and put cash in your pocket right away, we’re giving you 9 quick cash flow strategies that can be implemented this month...

Without working harder, without needing new customers, and without even making more money.

Including cash flow strategies like...

Financial Strength Grader

BUILD Tool #2 — The Financial Strength Grader

The Financial Strength Grader allows you to quickly identify your biggest leverage points and opportunities for strengthening your finances.

Here’s how it works…

Our system asks you 4 rounds of questions, and we analyze your information based on our 20 years of helping small business owners reach Economic Independence.

Then the Financial Strength Grader quickly assesses where your finances are set, where action is needed…

AND where your biggest opportunities exist.

Best of all, we give you the tools you need to map out your journey and strengthen your finances. You'll know exactly where you stand and where to start.

Imagine drawing out a journey from where you are sitting right now... all the way to New York City using a red Sharpie on a map of the world.

The path you draw on your map will look very different depending on whether you’re starting in California, or Texas or Washington.

It's the same with your financial roadmap.

Your destination may be Economic Independence.

But how to get there depends on where you are right now.

So after you have your Financial Strength Grade, you also get...

BUILD Tool #3: The 2-Part Audiobook Masterclass

Next — because most personal finance advice isn’t designed for business owners and entrepreneurs…

And instead focuses on scarcity-minded budgeting and cutting back…

Or taking money out of your business and locking it away in retirement accounts for 30 years...

We’re giving you a 2-Part Audiobook Masterclass that flips the script...

And puts abundance, your business, and YOU at the center of your financial plan...

What Would Billionaires Do?

What Would Billionaires Do?, the Audiobook ($29 Value)

Discover how to set up your multi-generational wealth plan just like billionaires do. Based on the Rockefeller Method — named after the family whose fortune still provides for the family 6 generations later — you will discover how to create your own family bank, grow your wealth tax-free, create an opportunity fund for your kids (and their kids), and empower your family for generations — without creating spoiled trust fund babies… even if you’re not a millionaire or billionaire.

Budgeting Sucks

Budgeting Sucks: Live Free, Retire Wealthy, the Audiobook ($29 Value)

Discover how to keep more of what you make, without cutting back, sacrificing or becoming Scrooge. You’ll also discover how to live within your means by EXPANDING your means, not shrinking them. So this is a critical audiobook for abundant-minded entrepreneurs who reject penny-pinching for growing their wealth.

You can listen to this 2-Part Audiobook Masterclass one after another and finish them both this week or month…

Or take your time and listen to one audiobook a quarter…

Or only listen to the audiobook that appeals most to you.

Either way, you’re going to get a masterclass in how to build wealth like an entrepreneur… rather than the budget, cut back and sacrifice strategies sold to us by personal finance gurus who often don’t even follow their own advice.

Cash Flow Drops

BUILD Tool #4 — Weekly Cash Flow “Drops” for a Year

Then — every week for a year we’ll drop 3 new cash flow and wealth-building strategies from our Accredited Network into your members area.

These are the strategies that we use with our private coaching clients to save them an average $3,279 per month.

And this way — with 3 quick strategies each week for a year — they’ll easily fit into your life as a busy business owner.

These weekly cash flow drops include…

Gives You a Way to Simplify Your Finances Down to a Handful of Key Decisions…

Why Are We Giving You Our Best Strategies For Just $397 $197 Today?

And what’s the catch?

There’s no catch, but there is a reason...

BUILD gives you hundreds of the actual strategies we use with our private 1-on-1 clients...

For literally pennies on the dollar when you consider those clients pay us $10,000-$30,000+.

We’re willing to do this because 1) there’s really no one else that does what we do, so we’re not afraid to share some of our top strategies with you.

And 2) we hope that, one day, you might take us up on our high-level services.

If not, that’s no problem — you can take our strategies and save a lot of money while strengthening your finances.

But if you do — because you see the high-level value that we provide in BUILD — then that’s a win-win for everyone.

So we’re happy to give you BUILD today just to start or strengthen our relationship.

Here’s What Clients and Thought Leaders Are Saying…

Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki

“Financial Education of the Rich”

"If you want to stay poor or middle class, listen to Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. If you want to improve yourself and get financial education of the rich, listen to Wealth Factory."

Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Recovered $102,000 the Very First Year

Our client, Dr. Gandolfi didn’t know about a special rule that would allow him to save $20,000 extra per year in taxes... including $102,000 the first year.

Dr. Mike Gandolfi

Dr. Mike Gandolfi (left) now saves $20,000 extra per year thanks to these strategies

Average Client Saves $39,383 Per Year

"Thank you again for all of your help, advice, and strategies! Because of your team at Wealth Factory we were able to reach financial independence in 3 ½ years! And we will finally achieve the financial goals we set when we first got married 25 years ago.

“It still hasn't hit us yet how fast that all happened. AND to have it happen during the pandemic is even more inspiring."

Kirin Christianson

Kirin Christianson, Blogger and entrepreneur

“Wealth Factory has been the greatest investment we have ever made in ourselves. They helped us discover our Soul Purpose, gain security and peace of mind, and renewed our passion for success. Within the first 8 months we saw 130% growth in our business and for every dollar we have invested into Wealth Factory we have had a 900% return.”

CJ and Michelle Varney

CJ & Michelle Varney, Business owners

"I'm the most skeptical person in the world. I've been beaten up by accountants and lawyers. I thought the whole world... I was the target, and everyone in the world was taking a shot at me. This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Honest to God, I think this added 10-15 years to my life."

Dr. Hal Board

Dr. Hal Board, DDS, Family Dentistry, Mesquite TX

Individual Results, Results Not Typical. See Our Testimonial Support Disclosure For Helpful Information.

Get BUILD for 51% Off When You Order Right Now

By purchasing BUILD today, you will get...

Given that our coaching clients pay a hefty sum for this type of information, albeit with 1-on-1 support, BUILD is a steal at $397.

However, we recently revamped BUILD to make it even bigger, better and more valuable…

And we’d like to get as much feedback as we can — and as soon as possible.

So we’re dropping the price to $197 for a limited time.

Yes, I Want This!  

Yes, I want BUILD for 51% off!

Note: BUILD is a one-time payment for lifetime access — there are no recurring charges or additional fees, and you’ll have access to all content and updates forever.

And to Make This Your Easiest Decision of the Year...

We’re also throwing in a few extra bonuses to make sure BUILD pays for itself right away, including…

The Ultimate 2023 Tax Savings Guide

Bonus #1: The Ultimate 2023 Tax Savings Guide

The Ultimate 2023 Tax Savings Guide gives you 5 big moves to keep more money and use the new tax code to your advantage.

These 5 "big moves" are part of our comprehensive, permanent tax-reduction strategy. And can significantly decrease your tax burden this year — all while playing by the rules 100%, and without increasing your chances of an audit.

The '1099 Tax Magic' Guide for Small Business Owners

Bonus #2: The “1099 Tax Magic” Guide for Small Business Owners

This guide shows you how to use tax-free dollars to hire experts, professionals and other contractors to grow your business. It’s a completely new way of thinking about 1099s, and it’s the easiest and most effective kind of expense to deduct.

Maximizing & Utilizing Credit Workbook

Bonus #3: Maximizing & Utilizing Credit Workbook

This workbook is a simple tool to reveal all of the factors that affect your credit score, so you can boost it in a matter of weeks and:

Cash Flow Index Calculator

Bonus #4: Cash Flow Index Calculator

Want simple, fast answers on which loans to pay down first? Hint: It’s not always the loan with the highest interest rate.

This Cash Flow Index calculator will show you exactly which loans are hogging your cash flow, and should be paid down first, and which are in the “Freedom Zone” and only need minimum payment.

Tax Savings Calculator

Bonus #5: Tax Savings Calculator

This tax savings calculator shows you how much money you might be able to save when you use the cash flow optimization strategies we share with our private coaching clients — just from taxes!

PLUS You Get Lifetime Access + Updates

This means with your purchase today, you have lifetime access to the BUILD program and all of its components — including Cash Flow Recovery Secrets, the Financial Strength Grader, the 3-Part Audiobook Masterclass and the weekly Cash Flow Drops as they’re released.

You also get lifetime access to all future updates — including to your free bonuses — so when the tax code changes and we update for example, The Ultimate 2023 Tax Savings Guide, you get access to the updates 100% free.

And Our 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

If you are anything but absolutely thrilled with BUILD...

If you don’t think BUILD is worth 10x the price...

Even if you just don’t like the font we use in the members area...

Let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue a prompt refund — no questions asked.

Yes, I Want This!  

Yes, I want BUILD for 51% off!

Just the Start of Your Financial Legacy… If You Act Today

It’s wise to become a BUILD member just so you can improve cash flow, scale your business and lower your tax bill...

With the same strategies we use to help our private coaching clients save an average $3,279 per month.

But that’s just the start. We also want to help you build a lasting financial legacy — just like we have for hundreds if not thousands of other business owners and their families.

That’s why we can say with confidence that trying BUILD today may be the best financial decision you’ve ever made… just like it has been for so many others.

“We will look back 20 years from now and see Wealth Factory as one of the most important, pivotal moments of our lives.”

Robb Wolf, best-selling author of The Paleo Solution

To try BUILD today and kickstart your finances and financial legacy, click the link below now.

Yes, I Want This!  

Yes, I want BUILD for 51% off!

Build the Life You Love,
The Builders at Wealth Factory

P.S. Want one more reason to give BUILD a try?

Your membership may even be tax deductible. Just show your receipt to your CPA and ask if this qualifies as a Schedule C business expense.

So don't let this chance to get BUILD for 51% off go to waste.