What Would the Rockefellers Do?

Imagine your great-grandchildren presiding over a family fortune of tens of millions of dollars—or even hundreds of millions of dollars. And imagine that, whenever your great-grandchild receives a check...

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...to help pay for education, or to buy their first home, or to start a business or even to help survive financial disasters like medical bills, illness or disability, that your grandchild gives a quick toast to your memory. Your grandchild toasts to you because you started it all. You amassed wealth and left behind a set of values and a financial legacy to shepherd that wealth.

Is this possible? Is it possible for you to not just leave your kids better off than you were, but to spark a financial legacy of wealth and empowerment that lasts for generations?

Yes, it is. It's possible to create a family fortune that lives on in perpetuity — benefiting generation after generation after you — and it's possible to do it without creating "trust fund babies" who know how to spend money and little else. Instead, your wealth can be used to empower future generations. It can act as a launching pad for all of their endeavors, whether those are professional, academic, charitable or entrepreneurial in nature...

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"By far the best book I’ve read on life and wealth."

Jeffrey Hibbs, MBA, FSC
"Garrett offers an insightful perspective on how to keep your assets in tact and at the same time value align your family for generations to come. I will certainly be utilizing these principles as part of my long term family legacy planning."

Rich Christiansen
"Garrett Gunderson is the Wealth Building Coach that represent everything that I aspire to be as a Health Building Coach. He doesn't wait to be asked for direction. He starts with Vision - a critical first step in manifesting a genuine objective for any significant domain in the landscape of life. Once Vision is clarified, the path to prosperity becomes crystal clear.

What Would The Rockefellers Do is the textbook that I needed. This book takes a tactical and practical approach to the proven methods and strategies that turn dreams into plans. If you are a student of financial abundance, this text is written for you. If you would rather sit idly-by and outsource your financial future - skip this book. But if you are ready to make informed decisions, take an active role in designing your destiny and sleep soundly at night - this is a must read.

Gentlemen, thank you for providing a path and a guiding light through the quagmire of financial strategy. I am empowered, I am equipped and I am confident that I now have the insight to direct my financial future - for today, tomorrow and for the generations that will certainly benefit from the foundation that I will leave as a legacy."

Stephen Franson
"As a serial direct marketer, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses accumulate wealth...but I know that being truly successful also includes preserving that wealth too, making it possible to pass it on to future generations.

I know that teaching marketing alone will not get them where they need to go...

And when I thought I wanted them to learn 'what the Rockefellers did' in this area, I realized what I really wanted them to do was 'what Garrett Gunderson does!'

What Would The Rockefellers Do? is a must read​ for anyone interested in having their hard work (and wealth) last longer than one generation...and the polite way Garrett debunks much of what we think we know about building wealth is refreshing and instructive.

And the best part it will lead to a course of action that will be game-changing for anyone's financial future."

Brian Kurtz
Titans Marketing LLC and business builder at Boardroom Inc
"Garrett has done it again! This book is going to reshape our generation's thinking about wealth and the values that create a legacy. When you read What Would the Rockefellers Do? and apply the principles, you will sleep very well at night, knowing that you have a plan to secure your family's future for generations to come."

Jonathan Sprinkles
"If you want to stay poor or middle class, listen to Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey. If you want improve yourself and get financial education of the rich, listen to Garrett Gunderson."

Robert Kiyosaki