Building The Right Team

Building the right team for a business can improve profits by 10%. Kids like to be chosen as the team captain in grade school because they get to be in charge of picking their team, which really determines the outcome of the game. And yet, businesses everywhere are struggling to improve profits because they haven’t chosen the best players for their teams. A common reason for not going through the long process of interviewing and vetting several candidates is the feeling of not having enough time. Between running a business, raising kids, and showing up for important relationships, it’s common to feel like the quicker things can get done, the better.

Unfortunately, what people wind up doing is they pick their teams out of convenience, without realizing that the right team would actually improve profits. But what if that leads to picking the person that would have been picked last? That means losing money, putting in more effort, and spending precious time feeling the need to micromanage.

the right team
The right team for your business should be creating more opportunity for you to focus on doing whatever you do best. – Garrett Gunderson


The secret to longevity in business is having the right team of passionate experts saving a business and its business owners time and money. 

Watch today’s episode to receive a private invitation to stop interviewing one candidate after the next, obsessing over finding the right people, and attending boring seminars to learn things that aren’t of personal interest.

Finding the right team shouldn’t take a person away from focusing on their own areas of expertise. Click the link, fill out a few questions, and save time, money, and energy by enlisting the right team, right now.

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