Compound Interest Is A Myth

One of the biggest misquotes of all time was attributed to Albert Einstein, and it was spread like wildfire, mainly by financial institutions: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” Einstein said, “Compounding numbers are the 8th wonder of the world.” It’s not AT ALL the same thing, but it makes sense why financial institutions would want us to believe that Einstein spoke highly about compound interest. Why? Because they want you to give them your money! They want you to leave your money with them for as long as possible, and they want to avoid having to give your money back to you as much as possible. 

Here’s the truth: Compound interest is a myth! 

compound interest
“Compound interest is a myth.” – Norm Westervelt, CEO, Wealth Factory

Did you know that most small business owners overpay their taxes without realizing it? When we overpay our taxes, we are tipping the government with money that is rightfully ours. It happens all the time. In today’s full episode, CEO Norm Westervelt will reveal why compound interest is a myth and tell you a better way to see a guaranteed 18% return. In addition to these top tips, we’ve included a link to download our Cash Flow Optimization Guide to help move you forward. Just be forewarned: The strategies presented in this episode go directly against the typical advice of Wall Street and other financial institutions, even though it’s their strategy.

For a better way to direct your money onto paths that lead to higher return rates, Wealth Factory wants to present you with a concept called The Cost of Money. The Cost of Money is based on two numbers: The highest interest rate you’re currently paying and your highest safe and predictable investment return. Once we’ve helped you determine the true cost of your money, any time you’re spending, investing, or allocating, you can use your cost of money to determine if it’s worth the financial investment. 

Want some examples of how applying your Cost of Money can get you a guaranteed 18-20% return? It’s shockingly simple! Many financial institutions want you blindly shoveling your money their way every time you get a paycheck. Please don’t fall for it! Watch today’s entire episode, and be sure to click the link at the end to download our Cash Flow Optimization Guide that will help you determine your own Cost of Money now!

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