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Wealth Acceleration Workshop

Join us at our next event

Accelerate Your Wealth

Join us at our next workshop

Your Full Financial Potential

You're Invited to join the Wealth Factory Team at the next Wealth Acceleration Workshop...

The Wealth Acceleration Workshop is unlike any financial "event" you've likely attended. We imagined what the ideal financial seminar would look like and created that for you.

We didn't want a boring lecture or a frenzied pitch fest. We wanted something intimate. Something personal. Something that helped people get the quickest results possible in a customized way. Something that was so comprehensive it unleashed your full financial potential, yet was simple to understand.

Workshop Discussion

Garrett helping fellow producers during a break at the Wealth Acceleration Workshop

We wanted to be able to interact with you, one-on-one. Talk. Laugh. Strategize. All on a personal, first-name basis. And we wanted you to have everything you need to implement what you learn long after the buzz of the event had faded.

The result is an intimate, hands-on workshop where we explore every phase of your financial life and work together to simplify your finances and accelerate your wealth.

This isn’t just about learning, either. After 2-3 days of immersive interaction, you’ll return home with a comprehensive wealth blueprint on how to get from where you are now to where you want to be much more quickly than you might expect. Plus you'll have all the tools you need to select the right team and build it out.

Best of all, we won’t bore you to death with financial mumbo-jumbo. You’ll understand all the principles and even be entertained in the process. Because we don’t just make finances tolerable, we make them fun so you aren’t afraid to address the tough money decisions that most people delay until it's too late.

What Exactly Happens at the Workshop?

When you join us, we all roll up our sleeves and work together to build a comprehensive wealth blueprint including everything you need to make sure your finances are handled in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Discover the predictable structure that gets you to economic independence in 3-7 years instead of 30 years
  • See where you're already set financially so you have the peace of mind that it's handled
  • Uncover all the financial blind spots lurking in the corner that could derail you or devastate you ... or even lead to bankruptcy
  • Find out what percentage of your financial plan is currently handled and how much you need to still complete. (Most people have no idea what their financial plan even is, but you'll know the exact parts that need attention)
  • Discover proven methods and strategies to permanently lower your taxes
  • Eliminate investment 2nd-guessing and significantly reduce risk in all your investments by tapping into your own, personal Investor DNA
  • Determine the right people to have on your financial team and see how well your current team is communicating on your behalf
  • Access to the Wealth Factory team is available to you during the workshop to discuss your unique challenges and opportunities so you can get every question answered.
  • Discover the tools and technologies used by the ultra wealthy to reduce financial stress, eliminates investing confusion, and helps you reach Economic Independence in as little as 3-7 years
  • Plus, we’ll show you how you can start doing all the fun things you want to do in retirement right now! Because life’s too short to wait 30 years to enjoy it…

How do I know if this is right for me?

If your personal finances have ever left you feeling overwhelmed, or if you've ever been stressed out by money worries...

We can turn that all around in 24 hours...

That's a bold claim, yes. But it's what many of our past attendees tell us.

Now that doesn't mean we'll solve all your financial problems in one day. That would be impossible.

It does mean you can literally turn your financial direction around and get it back on the proper path to build lasting wealth for you and your family.

We do that by giving you the same tools, technology and team that Garrett uses for his own finances. These have not only helped him, they've helped thousands of satisfied Wealth Factory and FastTrack members over the years.

Just a few of the outcomes you can expect coming out of the Wealth Acceleration Workshop:

  • You'll know the exact questions you should be asking your current financial team
  • What should be a priority and what can wait to implement
  • Why cash flow is more important than net worth, and how the wrong focus sets you up for unnecessary stress and possible financial failure
  • Understand the quickest things to implement to give you an immediate cash flow boost
  • Identify potential tax strategies for your situation
  • What current investments are helping you, and which ones may be hurting
  • The legal tools you need to protect your legacy
  • Strategies on how to grow your income
  • How a proper wealth team gives you the biggest strategic advantage if you want to build lifelong, sustainable wealth

And that's just on Day One!

After that, you'll discover your Investor DNA so you can invest according to your strengths and significantly reduce risk with every investment you make.

You'll see why shifting from diversification (investing in a lot of things) to focus (investing in one or two things you know extremely well) is how the ultra wealthy win the money game. Because diversification is playing "not to lose" — and will never make you wealthy.

You'll also take an inside look at why Cash Flow Banking is a system preferred by banks, corporations and the ultra-wealthy, and how how you can tap into its power to protect, preserve and grow your own wealth now, and pass on a lasting legacy to future generations.

And in case all of this sounds overwhelming, please don't worry.


This is ultimately about simplifying your finances

So you don't have to remember everything, or memorize a bunch of rules, or become some kind of financial expert.

This is about empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need to make key strategic decisions about your money, and how to build, direct, and interact with your own wealth team.

At the workshop, you'll get a workbook that has all the questions, systems and formulas for you to use after you return home.

Combined with the one-on-one pre-work included in the Cash Flow Generator calls you get with your workshop tickets, you'll have everything you need to tackle the most common financial problems.

Best of all, these handy tools turn even the toughest financial decisions into a simple checklist of easy-to-answer questions.

The workshop even gives you a clear plan on how to build or access the coordinated wealth team to do all the implementing, so you don't have to do any of the "dirty work."

This alone relieves 90% of the stress and overwhelm most people suffer when they try to face financial struggles alone.

You see, it's rare that just one single financial problem is holding you back. Usually it is a series of small issues that build up over time.

We've found that having a comprehensive wealth plan with a coordinated team is the key to solving all that. The Wealth Acceleration Workshop gives you a customized plan and shows you how to build or access a coordinated team.

So how is Wealth Factory qualified to share all this?

Here’s how it all started…

Years ago, when Garrett was fresh out of college, he spent 12 months shadowing elite financial advisors on Wall Street and witnessed several things that completely changed his life.

One time he followed his mentor into a Family Office firm. These high-end financial firms cater only to the ultra-wealthy, and you need a net worth of at least $50 million just to get an appointment.

As they walked into the posh board room, he saw lawyers, bankers, accountants, registered investment advisors, insurance agents and financial professionals all sitting around a table working together on a financial plan for one single client.

Garrett was impressed, but it also made him mad. He fumed inside: “Why doesn’t EVERYONE have access to this level of service?”

So from that day on, Garrett vowed he’d create a similar type of program that everyone could enjoy, even if they weren’t worth the $50 million you need to hire one of these elite firms.

But the task was harder than he anticipated. Much harder.

He quickly found that lawyers and accountants and insurance agents and registered investment advisors don’t like to work together. They each have their own agenda. And they don’t communicate with each other well.

He also discovered that most financial advisors have different philosophies about money, so it was hard to find professionals who shared the same time-honored, fiscally conservative financial values he knew worked no matter what the economy did.

In fact, he found that most financial advisors had almost no understanding of how to build or keep wealth.

So after 2 years of hard work, and getting up at 4 AM every day, Garrett distilled the financial philosophy of the ultra-wealthy into a model that worked for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who is a producer in society.

Then he assembled a team of financial professionals who agreed with these principles. He rigorously interviewed them multiple times. Each expert had to agree with the financial principles he'd uncovered, and then had to prove themselves by working on Garrett's own finances.

It was exhausting work, and at one point Garrett almost gave up. It seemed it might be impossible to find the right financial team that fit his strict standards.

But in the end, perseverance prevailed.

The Accredited Network is born...

Garrett eventually found 7 individuals whom he trusted with his own money and who passed the 9 month interview process to make the grade.

Because of the extensive work Garrett put in to vetting each of these financial professionals, Garrett named this group The Accredited Network.

With this elite network of financial experts assembled, Garrett set out to change the world of personal finance.

What he found, however, was that not everyone appreciated his efforts.

Traditional financial planners (who simply sell products) felt threatened. And many people who could be helped didn’t want to change their ways. It seemed to go against everything they’d been taught about money and finance.

And much to his dismay, Garrett found some people were simply content with mediocrity rather than striving for financial excellence.

So rather than waste time trying to convince everyone that his way was better, Garrett decided to seek out people who already embraced the idea of being a “producer.”

What’s a “Producer?”

A producer is someone who creates more value than they consume.

A producer rejects complacency, mediocrity, conformity, and dependency.

A producer is fueled by vision and passion, governed by principles, guided by ideals and values.

A producer does not succeed through luck. They succeed through conscious effort.

A producer does not feel entitled to the fruit of another man’s labor.

A producer takes full responsibility for her/his life and results.

A producer lives by design, not by default.

While others complain about problems, a producer creates opportunities and solutions.

A producer does not wait for “someday” happiness; a producer chooses happiness now.

A producer is not afraid to act and fail; failure is simply accelerated learning.

A producer values persistence as much as talent and intelligence.

A producer trusts the inner voice, not the wisdom of crowds.

While others criticize from couches, a producer toils in trenches.

While others are blaming, a producer is busy building.

A producer never looks back at “what might have been.”

A producer leaves a legacy of service and contribution.

Does any of that resonate?

At Wealth Factory, we’re Producers

And we’re committed to helping fellow Producers protect and keep more of what they’ve earn so they can live the life they desire without the needless financial stress that normally holds people back.

But let’s be clear.

This doesn’t mean we eliminate every financial stress out there. Bad things may still happen. Things that make your heart do flip-flops.

But having a clear blueprint that mirrors your life values, and having a coordinated financial team watching your back DOES eliminate much of the financial stress and confusion people suffer needlessly.

And tapping into your own, personal Investor DNA simplifies investing decisions so you never have to second guess yourself.

It doesn’t mean you’ll always pick “winning” investments. That wouldn't be a realistic expectation.

However, it does mean you'll fully understand what you’re investing in, so you’ll know when it’s time time get in, and (more importantly), when it’s time to get out.

Finally, knowing you have built the right team who can guide you through any future financial minefields is a great feeling of security, because the truth is,...

The more things we have handled in our own personal finances, the more secure we feel.

If any of this resonates with you — apply today for the next available Wealth Acceleration Workshop before the seats are gone.

Why do I need to Apply?

We used to hold these workshops in big conference rooms at hotels down the road from our office — but we found that packing more people wasn’t really serving anyone. Our attendees weren’t getting enough hands-on attention, and we were frustrated by not being able to help the right people.

So we made few changes.

Salt Lake Hardware building

First, we moved the event to our own office. It's a unique and cool office space inside an old hardware manufacturing building.

The problem is it's small and can only hold a maximum of 30-40 people comfortably.

intimate setting

This is great for creating a nice intimate setting where we can work with you more closely on an individual basis, but it also means we have to make sure that we have the right people in the workshop.

This is not meant to scare you off. Because if you're the type of person who has the desire to change your financial future and you have the vision to disrupt your financial status quo and apply for the workshop — you're likely the right type of person.

We also use an application process to set you up for the most success possible. And we've found that having a the right mix of people in the room is critical.

For example, you might feel overwhelmed if you're a small business owner just getting started when everyone else has a million dollar+ per year business.

On the other hand, if you've got a thriving, multi-location business, you may not feel as connected to the group if the room is full of brand new business owners.

So, for your sake, we're very conscious about group dynamics, and we want you to get maximum results from your time with us. So, after you apply, we'll make sure we match you up with workshop dates that'll give you the best financial advantage.

Here's what other's have to say about the Wealth Acceleration Workshop...

The best thing that's ever happened to me... I'm the most skeptical person in the world, but Garrett is the real deal. Apart from my lovely wife here, Wealth Factory is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
- Hal B., Dentist from Texas, and Workshop attendee
Gives you the tools to enjoy the money you work so hard for... I've been a working man all my life and never seemed to have anything to show for it. The Wealth Acceleration Workshop gives you the tools to enjoy the money you work so hard for now and still have something to leave your family and future generations.
- Brad B., Gold mine mechanic and entrepreneur from Elko, Nevada
Three days. Game changed. Amazing. Eye-opening. Motivating. Vision-creating. Unorthodox. Necessary for any entrepreneur who want to take their business to the next level and beyond. This is unlike anything else you will find and I can't recommend it highly enough for business owners. Looking forward to working with this amazing team for years to come. Thank you Garret, Norm, Tim, Demi, Boone, Logan, Mathieu, Tricia, Garrick and all the amazing people at Wealth Factory as well as the great attendees. Three days. Game changed. The future's looking brighter than ever before.
- Nate Zeleznick, workshop attendee
Will recommend you to everyone we know. Amazing workshop. So many fantastic pieces of advice that are real game-changers. The confidence and certainty the Wealth Factory philosophy provides will be a huge asset to us both personally and as business owners. Thank you to the whole team. Really looking forward to working with you more closely. Will recommend you to everyone we know.
- Chelsea Cohen, Co-founder at Badass Business Builders, workshop attendee
An ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PROGRAM! 100% worth every penny and time spent! Thank you for the Wonderful Weekend bringing IT at 150%! The absolute clarity and piece of mind Garrett and his A TEAM provides is unbelievable! Thank you for everything!! Looking forward to an amazing future with this Amazing Company!
- Skip Wyss D.C., workshop attendee
Gail Kingsbury
Even better than expected! Thanks to the team for so much great info and some usable tools. Just knowing the right questions to ask is priceless
- Gail Kingsbury, workshop attendee
Megan H
Amazing experience. So much content and beneficial learning. Can’t wait to get home to start implementing.
- Megan Hottman, Owner and Attorney at Hottman Law Office, workshop attendee
Excellent information given by a group of highly talented individuals, all at the top of their field. These guys are truly innovative in their thinking. Thank you for all your help!!
- Alex Gamber, Owner at Gamber Family Dental, workshop attendee
We learned such a unique perspective on wealth from Wealth Factory.
- Tammy Stewart, Owner at Health for a Purpose, workshop attendee
Wealth Factory is one of a kind. Find your passion, purpose and let them fuel your security and wealth creation.
- Lori Baker, CEO at Own the 24, workshop attendee
Lila B
This team is amazing! They delve into all the myths in the financial industry that we've been conditioned to believe and give you all the tools to create wealth while still having cash flow to enjoy your life now!
- Lila Baker, Owner and Founder at Circus Connections
Gave me the tools I needed... I knew what I wanted. I didn’t know how to get there. Wealth Factory gave me the financial tools to get started.
- Joe, workshop attendee
Struck by the integrity and comprehensiveness... I was struck by the integrity and comprehensiveness of the Wealth Factory team and the amount of value they’ve offered me in a very short amount of time.
- Christina, Business coach from San Diego
Something you’ve got to be involved in... If this can help me, it can help anyone ... so I’d say don’t delay. This is something you’ve got to be involved in.
- Brandon L., Electrical Construction Company, workshop attendee
Economic independence in 3 years... Wealth Factory has given me the tools and insight to have my business work autonomously within 3 years, which will mean economic independence for me.
- Dr. Jeff C.
Financial insights I never knew existed... I discovered financial insights I never knew existed and would never have been able to implement unless I had attend this workshop, and that's really valuable to me.
- Bill C., Dentist, workshop attendee
Guided us from $600K yearly revenue to $10 million now... As I got into business, my entire thing was about freedom. The money to do what i wanted to do, the time to do whatever it was. And while I did build up a dental practice making $600k in revenue, I was working 7 days a week to do that. Garrett was able to guide us from $600K yearly revenue to $10 million now — and instead of working 7 days a week — I'm only in the office 1 or 2 days now... Because of the success we’ve had, we've also been able to give back. For example, over the last 2 years we were able to give $600k in free dentistry to people in our community. It wouldn't have been possible without Garrett.
- Joe, Dentist from Utah
Solved my problem of financial anxiousness... My motivation was to learn how to conquer money, and listening to Garrett and learning his message, I thought ”This guy is spot on, I love this guy." Wealth Factory solved my problem of financial anxiousness.
- Ashawndra E., Real Estate investor and entrepreneur, workshop attendee
Gave me the tools I needed... I knew what I wanted. I didn’t know how to get there. Wealth Factory gave me the financial tools to get started.
- Joe, workshop attendee
I'm so disorganized yet this seemed like something I could do... I'm someone who’s been all about the business but could care less about the finances. Once I saw Garrett speak, he resonated. It was a breath of fresh air, because I'm so disorganized yet this seemed like something I could do. I realized if I’m going to get control of things in the future, I have to do something. I have to do something NOW. I’ve never looked back. It’s been the greatest experience. Very self-reflecting for my life.
- Jim Y., Small business owner and entrepreneur from Davenport, Iowa, workshop attendee
Helps you align things where money is your energy... We work so hard for so long to generate revenue, create profit, and then mindlessly put it into something else we don't understand. I’ve lost millions of dollars doing stupid things with money. Doing things I was told to do because I was told it was the smart thing to do. Wealth Factory helps you align things where money is your energy. I don’t know anybody else in the financial realm that sees it from that perspective.
- Patrick, workshop attendee
For the first time in my married life, my wife and I are on the same financial page... I attended the workshop as a kind of "litmus test" to see if Garrett was for real. I've been to events that were nothing more than a pitchfest, so I wanted to see firsthand if Garrett and the Wealth Factory team were really interested in helping me. I discovered that Wealth Factory and Garrett are the real deal. And for the first time in my married life, my wife and I are on the same financial page because the workshop clarified all the pieces of the financial puzzle and showed us how they all fit together.I now see that my financial security is not about investing in X, Y or Z and chasing after the latest, greatest investment vehicle. It’s about aligning my investments with own values and building a wealth framework around that. It’s a good place to be, because you don’t get a second chance at this…
- Randy H., Fitness center owner from South Dakota
I cannot tell you how impactful this workshop has been in my life just one day after the end of it. Dear Garrett, I felt compelled to reach out to you and let you know about my experience from this past weekend’s seminar. I am 47 years old and I have struggled most of my professional career (over 20 years) for some reason that I just could not put my finger on. After attending your seminar, the concept of “Scarcity” and “abundance” totally blew me away. I realize that this is somewhat “duh”, but for me it has been keeping me from achieving happiness throughout my career. My mother has instilled this concept of “scarcity” MY ENTIRE LIFE and although I love my mother very much, it is now an understanding that I can move forward within a feeling of ABUNDANCE.


I am excited that I joined your FastTrack program and look forward to all the positive changes coming in my future. I realize that I have been blindly swinging for the fences while keeping my eyes closed. I look forward to working with your team in order to implement procedures, steps, find a mission statement for my business, vision, and highlight my values. I have always felt that something was missing, but until I fully immersed myself in your workshop, it had eluded me. Now I feel like I will be able to double, triple, and even quadruple my business along with opening additional locations. I will actually be back in SLC on May 2 for a conference (just blind luck that it is in the exact same city and a week after your seminar). I was going to come by and give you my appreciate and “that a boy” in person, but quite honestly, I realize that you are a busy man and you have so many other things to work on. I did want to share with you my sincerest appreciation of the team.

Boon has been extremely patient and helpful with me. He makes me feel very comfortable with this entire process. Matthew Caldwell and I made a true connection. I look forward to working with him in the next several months.

Amanda was SUPER and I can see why you hold her with such high esteem.

David…wow. He took the time to really listen to my concerns and made me feel very welcome and I felt safe to work with your team after I spoke with him. I feel blessed to have met him.

Brandon…what a hell of a speaker. I have so much admiration for him from the way he handles his work team to the way he handles his family. I have seen speakers in my time, but he ranks as one of the top speakers I have EVER heard. He carries such wisdom and reminds me a great mentor, Jim Rohn.

Tricia made every run smoothly…the behind the scenes woman. She was so very pleasant to work with over the computer before I showed up and even more so once everyone showed up.

And Garrett…you have such a powerful gift to speak with your passion. It is truly inspiring. I asked my wife to start watching the WealthBook Origin Story and Welcome and she was so impressed with you. She could see the passion that you have and commented that I share that same passion in my own business.

The most moving part of the entire seminar was the fact that I “got it”. I see the reasons why I have struggled with how I have been performing in my business (even though my CPA who was with me on this trip always points out that “hey, you did better than the year before”). I felt your pain when you broke down after your award speaking with your mentor and what she said to you. I am so bad (do to the scarcity mindset) that I drive my wife crazy (“turn the lights off”, “we can’t afford that”, and so on and so forth). I called her and told her that something in me has changed from this seminar and I want to hire a cleaning lady for her so that she can spend more quality time with our 8 year old and 20 month old. I also told her that I am going to hire out the lawn work because YOU taught me that VALUE is more important than PRICE. I VALUE my time and my time with my family so much more than saving $50 for someone to cut my grass. I cannot thank you enough for being exactly who you are. I hope that you realize how much you totally have changed my life and we haven’t even started the program yet. As far as I am concerned, the fact that I now understand “Scarcity and Abundance”, I have already won…everything else is icing on the cake.

I apologize for having to send this through your staff, but honestly I could not find your email in the “Killing Sacred Cows” book, but I sincerely hope that you will get it. I realize that you are extremely busy so no return email is expected or necessary.

One last note…after speaking with Boon, I gave him ONE idea that I have that I may need help with, but I have another idea that I feel will help me get to that next level. Maybe someday we can “create” and figure out if these two items are even doable.

In case you don’t remember me (I know you see and talk to THOUSANDS of people every week), my wife is from Iceland and we plan to someday (when I can achieve my Economic Independent Number) move there even if for a the summers.

Again, I cannot tell you how impactful this workshop has been in my life just one day after the end of it. I apologize that I did not mention everyone on your team, but that doesn’t mean I do not appreciate them…like Wade Reed, Logan Sunday, Tim Cardon, etc).

I hope that one day I can be that referral source for you for physical therapists like Chris Zaino has done for Chiropractors.

- Matt Mandeville, PT, CEO, Mandeville Physical Therapy & Wellness, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify for the workshop?

The Wealth Acceleration Workshop is not for everyone. We don't sell it publicly on our website, and you need a personal invitation and must submit an application before you can attend.

We don't do this to exclude anyone on an arbitrary basis. We simply recognize that to help the right people, we can't include everyone. It's not our goal to pack the house with as many people as possible to make as much money as possible.

We've found we operate best as a small boutique financial service firm, and we serve our customers best by being selective with whom we work.

That way we only work with people who fit into our culture and match our financial values. It's a win-win situation that frees us up to give our best, and helps you get maximum value.

If you agree with the Producer's Manifesto (see below) and you have active income to work with, you will likely qualify. It never hurts to apply and find out.

What makes the Wealth Acceleration Workshop different from other events?

First of all, there are no outside speakers. This is about focusing on you and your own wealth blueprint. We take you through everything that impacts your wealth, from A to Z in a fully immersive experience instead of just focusing on one tiny part of your finances.

You'll do all this in a very intimate setting. We meet right in our (very cool) office space where our Wealth Architects work on a daily basis. So you'll sit next to them and be able to interact with them as much or as little as you want. As you soak in everything during the workshop, you also have the opportunity to meet everyone on our team if you want.

In the end, you'll have a deep understanding of who we are and how well our team, our systems, and our financial technologies fit into your wealth plan.

We’ll go through tax strategies, investments, how to create a lasting legacy, how to protect, preserve, and grow your money and even strategies on boosting your income.

Most people find that we can do in 2-3 days what they haven’t been able to accomplish in 20 years, just by diving in and applying the financial coordination usually missing from 99% of all so-called "financial plans."

Best of all, we do it in a fun and entertaining manner. Everything is explained in simple terms and easy-to-understand language, and all your questions are answered so you can start implementing the ideas you learn immediately.

What is Investor DNA?

The concept of Investor DNA is understanding who you are as a person first, and then using that knowledge about yourself as a basis for determining which investments are a good fit for you, your family and your business.

Investing according to your personal Investor DNA is one of the surest ways to reduce risk, increase returns, and eliminate the stress that comes from investing in things you don’t understand or control.

At the Wealth Accelerator Workshop, you'll get an entire session to explore and complete your own Investor DNA profile.

What's provided at the Workshop? Do I need to bring anything?

You'll be provided with a workbook, pens, and note taking material. Because you will be our personal guest at Wealth Factory Headquarters, we have you covered with lunches and beverage service as well. Some workshop attendees prefer to bring their laptops, but it's not required. Our event coordinator will also give you a list of anything else you may need to bring along. You will need to provide your own transportation and lodging while here.

Where is the best place to stay?

There are many hotels in downtown Salt Lake convenient to our offices, with some as close as right across the street. Of course, if you'd like to experience Salt Lake from a more unique perspective, we also have a lodging guide put together by one of our team members here:

The closest hotel is Hyatt Place (across the street from Wealth Factory Headquarters.) It is quite new and the rooms are spacious mini-suites. Also, the complimentary breakfast is very tasty!

Hyatt Place - (801) 456-6300

On the nicer end I recommend Hotel Monaco. Cool, boutique, 4.5 Star hotel in a beautiful historic building. Located in the middle of downtown surrounded by restaurants and night life. A short Uber ride from the Wealth Factory office.

Hotel Monaco - (855) 567-6643

If luxury is what you prefer, I recommend the Grand America Hotel. This is the nicest hotel in the downtown area. 5-Star opulence. If you stay for the weekend the Sunday brunch is not to be missed!

Grand American Hotel - (866) 202-1814

If you would like to look at other hotels in the area here is a listing of all the hotels in the surrounding area.

What should I wear?

The Wealth Factory team generally wears business attire to the workshop, but you are free to wear whatever makes you comfortable. We have attendees come in casual or business casual, so please dress however you'd like.

Do I have to bring a spouse or someone else with me?

Your workshop reservation includes 2 tickets so you can bring a spouse, a parent, a child, a business partner or anyone else you'd like. Of course, if you prefer, you may always attend by yourself. However we've found that many of our attendees tend to live in isolation when making business and financial decisions, and that often aggravates their financial stress levels. Many feel they’re fighting everyone else around them, and oftentimes their spouse is the prime target. So this is an opportunity for you and your spouse or significant other to both walk away financially strong and able to make all your financial decisions on the same page together as a unit.

We've had many couples who feel more bonded after the event and we've even had people tell us the things they learned saved their marriage. (Also, see some of our attendee feedback below, especially those who have been in our FastTrack program).

What is the FastTrack program?

The FastTrack program is our top level program where you get full access to The Accredited Network and have our team of Wealth Engineers work with you to build out your Wealth Blueprint.

We only work with 125 people a year at this level, so we are (understandably) choosy about whom we work with. The program is designed for strong entrepreneurs who want to get the fastest results possible without having to assemble their own wealth team. The program is by invitation only and requires an application process.

Is there anything for sale at the workshop?

There are no outside speakers and no selling. It’s all about you in a small, intimate setting where you get to meet the Wealth Factory team and start identifying your own personal financial architecture.

Some attendees may be invited to explore working with our team on a more intimate basis. However, this is by invitation only and only for those who will benefit from access to our Accredited Network of financial providers for advanced financial needs.

Attendees are always welcome to inquire about our ongoing group coaching sessions for those who want ongoing support on their journey to economic independence.

What is "Economic Independence?"

Economic independence is when all your basic living expenses are covered without you having to actively work. While some call this "passive income," we believe the term "entrepreneurial income" is more appropriate, since no sustainable income is 100% passive. So part of your wealth blueprint will include ways to increase your entrepreneurial income to the point that it meets or exceeds your living expenses. At that point, you can "retire IN your business." This is where you transition from success to significance and can start making the biggest impact on the world around you.

Do I have to be a business owner to benefit?

We love working with entrepreneurs and business owners because personal finance for entrepreneurs has a lot more complexity, and there are so many unique ways we can help them build wealth fast.

Plus, small business owners are the most under-served community because most mainstream personal finance education is geared toward W-2 employees, not entrepreneurs.

Still, anyone who is a “producer” can benefit from the workshop, whether a business owner or not.

What's a "Producer?"

A producer is someone who creates more value than they take, and someone who believes happiness is something you can choose now instead of waiting for it to happen later.

It's who we are, and it's who we serve.

In fact, when you attend the workshop you’ll receive your own copy of “The Producer’s Manifesto” to remind you of the core beliefs that bind us together.

Personal finance for "Producers" is significantly different than it is for consumers (the majority of the middle class) because it refuses to settle for the mainstream advice that the only way to build wealth is to sacrifice now.

The Wealth Accelerator Workshop gives you all the innovations we've developed (or rediscovered) along the way to ensure that you live wealthy now, while still building wealth for the future.

What's covered at the workshop?


  • Manufacturing Economic Independence
  • Taxes
  • Investor DNA
  • Scale Business Revenue
  • Cash Flow Banking
  • Creating A Lasting Legacy
  • Financial Health Assessment

Workshop Details

You’ll work side-by-side with our Wealth Architects and Cash Flow Specialists in our beautiful office space in downtown Salt Lake. Lunch and dinner are provided on-site during workshop days, and breakfast is provided on the final day. You get a comprehensive workbook that we help you fill out during the workshop. This becomes your new Wealth Blueprint and gives you clarity on all your personal finances, plus your next steps to reach Economic Independence.

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OUR GUARANTEE — When you come to the workshop, we want you to get maximum value. We regularly receive 10 out of 10 ratings from our workshop attendees, so we are convinced you'll be thrilled with the content and fully empowered with your new-found financial confidence.

However, if, after the first full day of attending the workshop you don't feel like you're getting the value you need, we'll refund your ticket price, plus flight and hotel.

This puts the risk squarely on our shoulders to deliver, and makes attending the workshop a no-risk proposition for you. You either walk away with financial clarity and everything you need to start building the life you love, or it costs you nothing.

Our Guarantee

When you come to the workshop, we want you to get maximum value. We regularly receive 10 out of 10 ratings from our workshop attendees, so we are convinced you'll be thrilled with the content and fully empowered with your new-found financial confidence.

However, if, after the first full day of attending the workshop you don't feel like you're getting the value you need, we'll refund your ticket price, plus flight and hotel.

This puts the risk squarely on our shoulders to deliver, and makes attending the workshop a no-risk proposition for you. You either walk away with financial clarity and everything you need to start building the life you love, or it costs you nothing.

An actual evaluation form from a Wealth Acceleration Workshop. 100% of attendees gave a 10/10 for quality of material covered.