How Long to Keep Business Records: What You Need to Know

When it comes to recordkeeping, there are two key questions that business owners need to ask themselves: How long should I keep records? And why should I keep them? This blog post will answer those questions and provide some tips on what to do with your records once you’re done with them. How long should […]

3 Ways to Create Cash Flow with Crypto

create cash flow with crypto

At Wealth Factory, we help small business owners keep more of what they make — and help them focus more on cash flow rather than accumulation. So with the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, a lot of people are wondering how crypto fits into this cash flow financial philosophy. And the answer — as surprising as […]

Quick Guide to Business Tax: Estimate and Types

The first step to understanding business taxes is knowing what they are and the different types. How do you know if your company needs to file a certain type of tax? How long should you keep those records? This blog post will answer these questions and more! What exactly is business tax? Business taxes are […]

How Deductions and Credits Work: What You Need To Know

Tax season is upon us and for most people, this means preparing your tax return. Now, a lot of you have several questions, such as how deductions and credits work, what exactly is the difference between a deduction and a credit, and how you can use them to maximize your savings. You might also ask about […]

Small-Business Tax Credit: The Complete Guide

In this guide, we will cover the basics of taxes that small businesses have to deal with. Taxes are a fact of life for any business owner and they can be a confusing topic. Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on with your tax situation! Small-Business Tax Credit […]

How Bonus Depreciation Affects Business Taxes

Bonus depreciation is a valuable tax-saving tool for businesses. It allows your business to take an immediate first-year deduction on the purchase of eligible business property, in addition to other depreciation. There are some restrictions on the type of property that can be depreciated using bonus depreciation. How much money do you want to make? […]

Economic Disruption: How to Turn The Next 4 Years Into Your Greatest Opportunity

If you scan the financial headlines for 2020, it looks pretty grim. Whether it’s unemployment numbers… Or small businesses permanently closing their doors… Or even giant corporations filing for bankruptcy… And the list of major companies that have filed for bankruptcy so far in 2020 since the coronavirus shutdowns began is eye-opening and sobering. See […]

Business Opportunities and Danger Zones after “The Great Stimulus” Ends…

And How to Prepare for What’s Next 2020 has been a financial rollercoaster. Early in the year, the economy looked to be strong and vibrant with historically low unemployment record highs in the stock market. By the end of February, fears over coronavirus started wreaking havoc on the market. And then in March, the financial […]

The 10 Biggest Financial Worries During the Great Lockdown of 2020

It’s been 103 days since the first Coronavirus infection was reported in the United States. And 44 days since the first state-wide stay-at-home order. Since we’re all a little (or a lot) more isolated these days, it can feel good to know that you’re not going through this alone. That you’re not the only with […]