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Cash Flow vs Accumulation

cash flow vs accumulation video

Cash flow and accumulation. One of these will help you achieve your goals and live wealthy along the way. The other might cause you to scrimp, save, sacrifice, delay and defer, keeping you in a constant state of hoping that one day, someday, you can retire with enough money in the bank, and die before…

Here’s what investing in yourself looks like

Chris Zaino

Case Study A great example of investing in yourself is Wealth Factory member Dr. Chris Zaino. When Dr. Zaino read Killing Sacred Cows and went through the Freedom FastTrack program, he immediately liquidated all of his “investments” that weren’t aligned with his Soul Purpose and business. He funneled all that cash towards protection components and…

A Lesson in Personal Finance with Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki and Garrett Gunderson Lesson on Personal Finance

In Garrett’s first job in the financial services industry, he witnessed firsthand how Wall Street had built a mousetrap for the middle class. They tell you to put your money into complex investments you don’t understand, in a retirement account that you can’t touch until you’re old, and ask you to cross your fingers and hope it…