Why The Stock Market is Dying (and your investments are in danger)

Most of us were raised on the idea that “the path” to building wealth is investing in the stock market. Garrett Gunderson, our Founder and Chief Wealth Architect, is one of the few who have pushed back against this notion, famously criticizing mutual funds and 401(k)s in his New York Times bestseller Killing Sacred Cows, […]

City Government Ruins Kid’s Entrepreneurship Event with Illegal Taxation

©Leonid – stock.adobe.com. Here at Wealth Factory, our research team is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest tax laws – especially given the sweeping, and often unclear changes made in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Our goal is to simplify the more than 75,000 page tax code into tangible strategies […]

Financial Freedom For All…

Most people WANT financial freedom… Yet the vast majority of people never get there. Some think financial freedom is too hard to achieve. Or that it takes more money than they’ll ever get. Others think it’ll take too much time. Or that they’re too old to pursue financial freedom. For example, right after Garrett released […]

Is “Value Investing” Dead?

“Value Investing” is a concept first taught by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd at Columbia Business School in 1928. The basic idea is to invest in companies that appear to be trading for less than their true value. It requires solid research into a company’s fundamentals. This strategy has been effective for people like Warren […]

How to Profit From the Fed’s Next Interest Rate Move

What a difference 12 months makes. Last Summer we alerted you to the very real risk of rising interest rates and what to do to prepare your business and finances. This Summer things have changed, creating a possible opportunity and a reason for caution. Numerous unpredictable factors play a role, including China, tariffs, President Trump […]

The Alarming Trend of Adult Children Shattering Their Parent’s Retirement Dreams…

…and How You Can Empower Your Kids Without Hurting Your Own Wealth All over the world, a new batch of students are graduating from college. Full of energy and ambition, they’re ready to take on the world. Parents are celebrating their children’s success, and hoping they’ve given them everything they need to be decent, respected, […]