Cringeworthy Tax Horror Stories – Don’t Do These

Save on taxes and recover lost cash flow with the new BUILD: program.

Watch the video above and you’ll see Tax Horror Stories with ugly $125,000 tax bills…

Triple state taxes…

Nasty tax penalties…

Endless audits…

And DIY tax mistakes that will make you cringe.

With the tax deadline coming soon, it’s important you know what’s at stake.

You see, the U.S. Congress was trying to do a favor for taxpayers by delaying the 2020 tax filing date to July 15th.

But it created a pitfall that actually triggered more tax horror stories than it prevented.

That’s because many business owners, self-employed professionals, and freelancers were be caught off guard — and faced a MUCH larger tax bill than they might have expected…

Hi, my name’s Garrett Gunderson and I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to saving on tax.

As America’s financial advocate for small business owners, my team and I at Wealth Factory want to make sure that we know every legal and ethical way that people can navigate the tax code — so they can keep a lot more of what they make and stop tipping the government.

Now the reality is 93% or more of small business owners overpay on taxes.

That’s the bad news. The good news is…

Saving on taxes is one of the easiest ways to recapture lost cash flow

I mean, you could try to double your rate of return in the stock market. You could try to take more risk and wait longer for investments or scrimp or sacrifice.

But the reality is if you can just keep more of what you make without having to cut back, it’s a much better way to get wealthy.

And you know what?

At Wealth Factory, we have this thing called the Accredited Network, which is like a virtual “family office” for small business owners. They give you a comprehensive team approach to managing your financial life.

The Accredited Network is holistic — and is filled with every kind of financial expert, including CPAs and tax attorneys that obsess about this even more than I do.

So we’ve got this amazing team approach.

And when it comes to paying less tax, the team approach is critical

A team approach helps small business owners find all the different ways to recover cash, whether it’s:

  • Going back and amending returns
  • Creating a better tax strategy
  • Choosing the right type of corporation
  • Figuring out how to navigate all these changes that come up either because in 2020 we had three IRS notices, or in 2017 when there was a major overhaul of the tax system with Trump’s tax plan.

And what we find is that people save nearly $13,000 per year after working with our team — new cash flow that goes right to the bottom line, and that’s something that doesn’t just happen once.

It happens year in and year out — all because someone spent 20 to 60 minutes of their time talking to the right people.

So what I share with you here in this video are some tax horror stories from small business owners.

I hate horror films, but I think I hate horror stories of people “tipping the government” even more. And it’s painful for me to see people getting into a really tough spot just because they don’t understand tax laws, and don’t have a team supporting them.

So make sure you have a system to save up for your quarterly estimated taxes.  And then make sure you have access to the cash to pay that tax, You don’t wind up with your own tax horror story this year.

So go ahead and watch the video above.

And if you want to discover 156+ other cash flow breakthroughs including some incredible tax-saving strategies, check out the newly updated BUILD: program.

Build the life you love,

Garrett Gunderson
Founder and Chief Wealth Architect at Wealth Factory

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