How to Fund Your Kid’s College… Without Breaking the Bank

This is Part 5 of the Financial Health Accelerator Series on “Money and Investing.”


In this private conference call, Garrett reveals how you can fund skyrocketing educational costs without sacrificing your long-term success or security — whether it’s your own education, your kid’s college or even if it’s to help out your grandkids with their school costs.

Funding Your Kid's (or Grandkid's) Education

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Why this is so Critical…

If you have children (or grandchildren), you may wonder how you can afford to pay for their education.

After all, as Garrett mentions on the call, the average private college education now costs over $32k per year! That’s $128,000 for a four year degree, and that doesn’t include books, travel or room & board.

As a parent or grandparent, it’s a daunting thought. But after listening to this private conference call that Garrett held for Wealth Factory subscribers, you’ll be filled with all kinds of new and inspiring ideas.

Plus, the ideas Garrett gives you don’t rely on debt and don’t even impact your future prosperity.

Beware of Government-Sponsored Plans…

Garrett covers the problems with 529s and Coverdell accounts, and gives you several alternatives to look at…

Including using your child’s lower tax bracket to boost the amount you’re able to save, partnering with your child to reduce housing costs, and even how to use Cash Flow Banking as a college fund.

The REAL Key to Success…

More importantly, Garrett focuses on developing a personal philosophy of helping your kids with their educational costs that fits your core values. Best of all, it isn’t dependent on the AMOUNT of money you make or save.

Garrett asks two simple questions to help you sort this out. And the answer most people give reveals their current philosophy is based on scarcity instead of abundance.

Mo matter how you answer, Garrett expands your thinking in this call to see college financing in a whole new light. So if education is important to you, this is an inspiring call you won’t want to miss.

Your Next Steps…

After you see how it’s possible to pay for education without breaking the bank — you may want to implement some of Garrett’s strategies.

The call doesn’t go into details because everyone’s situation is different. However, you’re encouraged to take any of these ideas to your own financial team for customization to your unique circumstances.

Or — if you want to talk to someone on our team about implementing these ideas, you can:

Inquire about our one-on-one financial services here.

There’s no obligation. It simply gives you an opportunity to see if our services are right for you.

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